If you’ve landed on this page then you must have found me at the Bonnie Bairn fair! What a great day that was (to be inside, outside was horrible!).  

All those who grabbed a discount card at the fair were entitled to 20% off all image packages until 31st July 2020. But what about this dreaded pandemic I hear you ask? (We didn’t see THAT coming did we?!)

Fear not! I have a plan. 


Firstly, all those with a Bonnie Bairn discount card now have the option to use that card until 31st December 2020. A full five month extension on the offer. 

Secondly, as of June I am now able to offer outdoor photo sessions. These can only be between me and your household, and we must maintain physical distancing – but it can easily be done!

Scroll down to find out more… 

incredibly talented

Wow Rebecca! I have goose bumps! You’re so incredibly talented! Thank you so much for doing such an amazing job, you really saw my vision! I’ll be recommending you to everyone I know!

Leah Gray

outdoor sounds great!


A family or maternity session outdoors, well that’s easy to imagine, right? But a newborn session? It’s still possible to get those precious photos of your tiny newborn. Let me give you an idea of how it will work.

We will meet in a mutually suitable location with plenty of gorgeous backgrounds and open space (this could even be your backyard if you’d like!). I will ensure that we meet on a nice warm and dry day – even if that means rescheduling a few times… Gotta love Scotland’s weather!

While we’re outside I will talk you through every step so please don’t worry. I’ll advise you on how to sit/stand, what to do with your hands, how to hold your baby. The aim is to capture connection, but that doesn’t happen while you’re worried you’re posted awkwardly!



I will ask you to bring a couple of plain coloured favourite blankets with you, so we can position baby lying down, for those super-cute curled up photos and gorgeous detail shots of eyelashes and feet. Rest assured I’ll be using a very long lens so will be able to accomplish all of this without breaking the physical distancing rules. 

We will co entirely at your pace, stopping for feeds/changes as needed. The photos will have my signature natural, relaxed feel. In fact, many people find being outdoors a much more laid-back way to have photos taken. 

Outdoor images look really amazing, gorgeous light coupled with beautiful scenery and a relaxed and happy family.

However, if you’d rather wait till I can come to your home – fear not! I regularly photograph older babies and really enjoy doing so. We can often get gorgeous cheeky smiles, and can also usually capture some lovely sleepy shots if we time it right.

It’s likely that I’ll be able to recommence indoor sessions in Phase 3 of the ‘get out of lockdown’ plan. All being well, this will be in August. For indoor sessions I will, as always, maintain the highest hygiene standards. I’ll wear a mask and gloves, I won’t touch any of you (sorry, no handshakes!) and I’ll ensure all my kit is thoroughly cleaned ahead of the session. 

You can rest assured that your safety is my top priority. 

the photos are phenomenal

I could not be happier with the photos that followed our Autumn mini session. The morning of the shoot was a particularly frosty -6°C, Rebecca very quickly struck up a warm and friendly rapport with my 3-year-old. It helped that Rebecca clearly knew the location well, and the best spots for a great backdrop. The session felt like a nice, crisp walk among beautiful surroundings. The photos are phenomenal and have only increased my admiration for the photography profession. Put your smartphone camera away and book a session with Rebecca, you will not regret it!

Jehan Al-Azzawi


From bump, to very new newborn, to six-week-old or six-month-old, to a family of a few or of a lot – let’s make some beautiful memories.  

STEP ONE : Choose your session 

STEP TWO : Once your photos are ready, choose your image package

Choose your package within 24 hours to receive a discount (don’t worry, you can choose when your 24 hours starts) 

Remember, those with a Bonnie Bairn discount card will receive an additional 20% off the prices below until 31st December 2020. 

We had such a lovely morning with Rebeca. All so relaxed which comes across in the shots that we have seen so far. She is absolutely amazing with the children and managed to calm both of them down all morning, which is no mean feat! Thanks so much.

Neil Douglas

Rebecca is a complete professional and takes absolutely stunning photos. She came to our home to photograph my family before and after the birth of my 2nd child.
As someone who doesn’t particularly enjoy being photographed,  I felt completely at ease with her and she was fab with my toddler. Highly recommend her service.

Aimee Littlejohn

We had a really relaxed morning with Rebecca who photographed our two young girls. They really enjoyed it and it shows in the photos which are incredible. We can’t thank you enough Rebecca! We have wonderful images and memories. I can’t recommend Rebecca highly enough. THANK YOU!

Sabina Kadic-Mackenzie


But what about my hair?!

The number one query/worry I have just now is Mum’s hair. Hairdressers will likely be shut until Phase 3 of the plan. First, if there’s anything like this you’re worried about, please say – it makes it easier for me to ensure I get photos you’ll love if I can avoid the ‘problem’ spots. Secondly, if it’s a roots problem I may be able to help with a little photoshop magic! Thirdly, I can guarantee you none of your family will care – they love you for you and will want to see photos of you as you are. We’re always far more critical of ourselves than others are!

How old does my baby have to be?

Any age. I don’t set limits on how young or old your baby needs to be to get great photos. Every age has it’s own advantages and drawbacks. Very new newborns are very squishy and tiny, but they don’t usually have their eyes open or interact with the camera. Six month old’s can sit and interact with me, but might also crawl away… Some might take a little longer to photograph, but… Each age is adorable! 

What if the kids misbehave?

I have three of my own. They’re none of them angels. ‘Nuff said. Seriously though, please don’t worry. I’m good at getting kids to engage in the session and I’ll give you lots of top tips ahead of time to make sure you’re well-prepared. If all else fails, grumpy kids make for fantastically hilarious photos.

Will you wear a mask?

When I’m able to complete indoor sessions, absolutely! For outdoor sessions, while I’m not required to wear a mask, I am happy to if you feel more comfortable.

What if it rains?

I won’t lie to you, it might. You don’t live in Scotland and expect sunshine every day. But don’t panic, if the weather is looking dodgy ahead of your session, I’ll be in touch to discuss options. A little drizzle can be fun (especially for children) and, personally, I really don’t mind a little bit of Scottish dreich! But if there’s a storm with some weird name, or you’ve a baby we need to protect, we can think again. Don’t want us all getting washed away..





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