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Here's everything you need to think about, or know ahead of your mini brad photo session

What photos do you need?

Ahead of your session, it'd be helpful if you could have a think about what sorts of photos you need. 

Where are they to be used? Are there any specific requirements?

Do you need a headshot, a photo of your products, a photo of you 'doing' something?

And what orientation do you need? Landscape, portrait or a mix of both?  

What do you need your photos need to say about you? 

This can be a tricky one, but it is essential to think about it ahead of your session. 

What do you want the images to convey to anyone who looks at it? How do you want people to feel about you, when they see your picture?

This might sound a bit intangible, but trust me – I can help you to craft a photo that says "Listen to me, I'm well-educated and important, and I know what I'm talking about" OR I can help you craft a photo that says "You can talk to me, you can trust me, I'm here to care for you and help you on your journey".

It's all in the way you stand, your expression, the lighting, the backdrop, and so much more. 

So being really clear about exactly what your photographs need to say about you, is hugely important. Here are some words to get you started; 

  • Professional
  • Approachable
  • Easy-going
  • Fun
  • Warm
  • Friendly
  • Cool
  • Knowledgeable
  • Trustworthy
  • Caring
  • Relatable
  • Good at your job
  • Understanding
  • Here to serve
  • High-end
  • Strong

what to wear

This is the first question most people ask after booking their session. Here are a few pointers; 

  • Dress as if you were meeting an important colleague or client. For you that might mean suit and tie, for someone else, it's smart casual.
  • Make sure you're wearing colours that suit you, better yet – wear your brand colours.
  • Make sure you’re comfortable!! If you’re pinched at the waist with Spanx two sizes too small or you're wearing a shirt that no longer fits, it will show on the photos! Well-fitting, comfortable clothes are very important.
  • As a general rule, avoid bold patterns, logos and typeface – they are busy and reduce the impact and longevity of the photographs. Stick to block colours. The exception to this rule is if a funky bold print and typeface are part of your brand - then go for it.
  • Please avoid really bright white and solid black – unless of course, these colours are important parts of your brand.
  • Avoid wearing anything old, stained or creased... Please!
  • Avoid polo necks, or anything too tight – also consider underwear lines to ensure they’re not visible.
  • Consider how much skin your showing in relation to your audience.
  • Do you wear glasses? Make sure you bring them to your session. Please avoid the use of transition lenses. 

Hair and make-up

  • Don’t go over the top! 
  • Wear the same amount of makeup you would wear to lunch with friends.
  • Book in to have your hair and makeup done if it’s worrying you – leave it to the experts.

Anything worrying you? TELL ME!

If there is ANYTHING you're worried about before your session please tell me. If you dislike your nose, or hate your chin or whatever – it is SO important to feel like you can tell me. I won't laugh. I will understand.

When I get my photos taken I always let the person know that I have a real issue with my double chin, I reckon I have a fat face and I worry about grimacing.

It doesn't matter if those things are true, or completely in my head. If my photographer knows that I'm worried about them, then they can make sure they minimise those 'concerning bits' when taking the photograph. 

Similarly when I show you the back of my camera (and I usually do!) please don't hesitate to talk to me about what you like/don't like... I absolutely won't take it personally. I want to ensure you're getting photos that you'll love, and if I need to tweak something to enable that - I want to know. 


Your session with me will last approximately five minutes. I know this doesn't sound like much time at all, but trust me - I can work FAST! Most important is that you complete the form I've sent you, ideally before you attend the workshop - so that I have time to get a feel for your brand and the photos you'll need. 


A gallery of approximately 10 photographs for you to choose from, will be delivered to you within 2 weeks of your brand mini-session.

Images are priced at £40 each, or £100 for the full set. This is a special price, only available at this workshop.

Purchased images will be delivered digitally, as both high-resolution AND web-resolution downloads.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am happy to remove blemishes, dry skin, creases, dust and scratches, bruises, stray hairs... Anything not permanent. I am also happy to smooth everything a little so that it matches what we would see with our eyes in daylight (modern cameras can be FAR too high resolution to be true-to-life). 

BUT if you want me to change your size, shape or age – I'm not the photographer for you. I'm all about helping you learn to love who you are, as you are. 
No problem, just send me the specific size and I can easily sort that for you. 
Don’t panic. One of my superpowers is helping people feel comfortable in front of the camera. We’ll talk through your concerns and fears, go really slowly and find a setting and pose you feel comfortable with. Trust me, it’s all going to be fabulous.
ADon’t worry, I’ll talk you through all of that. You won’t be left wondering what to do or feeling awkward at any stage. I’ll hold your hand every step of the way (not literally – that’d be weird).
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