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Book your 2022 family photography session now and receive a complimentary 20 x 30 inch story board frame when you choose your collection.

Heart-bursting photographs of your family captured during fun, relaxed and natural photoshoots

Why you need family portraits

Photographs are so much more than just pictures. An amazing family photography session isn’t just about capturing a posed photograph for Grandparents. It’s about taking time to document your family history, memorialise your children’s childhood, capture your love as a family, then put it on the wall for everyone to see.

Time really does fly… One minute you’ve got a newborn in your arms, and the next – secondary school, then college. Please make sure you take time out to capture those memories, all the precious moments and ages. Take time to document the love your family has for each other and put it on your wall to be treasured.
the photos are phenomenal
I could not be happier with the photos that followed our session. The morning of the shoot was a particularly frosty -6°C, Rebecca very quickly struck up a warm and friendly rapport with my 3-year-old. It helped that Rebecca clearly knew the location well, and the best spots for a great backdrop. The session felt like a nice, crisp walk among beautiful surroundings. The photos are phenomenal and have only increased my admiration for the photography profession. Put your smartphone camera away and book a session with Rebecca, you will not regret it!
Jehan Al-Azzawi
Brand Photography by Rebecca Holmes

So what’s the deal?

Book your 2022 family photography session now and you’ll receive a complimentary 20 x 30 inch story board frame when you choose your image collection.

So how does it work?

Secure this special offer by paying your £199 booking fee now.
We’ll then send/give you a voucher for your session, which is valid until the 30th of November 2022.
In July, we’ll get in touch with you to arrange a date for your session. We’ll also send you everything you need to prepare.
Then, you’ll enjoy a wonderful family photography experience at your choice of venue either outside in nature, or in your own home.
Once your images are ready, you’ll choose the image collection that suits you best.
You’ll then download your images, and spend your print credit in the online shop.
And finally, you’ll receive a complimentary 20 x 30-inch Storyboard frame, filled with your favourite 9 images, as an Ideal Home Show gift from us!

You can find out more about family photography sessions here

Please note: The booking fee does not include any images. Image collections are detailed below.

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About the Story Board frame

The story board frame is my most popular product by far. It is a fantastic way to enjoy your favourite images from your session, in one piece of art.

Once you've narrowed down your nine images I will mock-up an example of the storyboard for you to approve. I can even create an image of it on your wall, if that would be helpful.

After we're happy, I will send it to the lab where it will checked, and then printed on beautiful professional museum-grade photographic paper.

Once printed the story board will be delivered to my framer, who will mount it on a single pure white mount board, then frame it by hand – all with great attention to detail.

Your frame will be quality checked by me, then delivered to you ready to hang. All frames have a lifetime guarantee.

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What you’ll love about working with me

I totally understand how crazy day to day life can be – I’m a mum of three! Whether you’re in the throes of toddlerhood or dealing with the rollercoaster of raising teens – I understand how intense it can be. The parenting journey is such a bizarre mix of LONG nights are really very quick years. Blink and they’re on the way to college.

One day you will be thankful that you took time to capture these memories, so you could enjoy them for years to come.

However, inviting a stranger into your busy life is a big thing! You want the whole thing to be easy, relaxed and fun. You want everyone to enjoy the process, and you want to look back on your family photoshoot with really happy memories.

You need a family photographer who totally understands if the house is a disaster zone, your teen isn’t cooperating, or your toddler is having a meltdown.

I am that family photographer. Every single client who works with me says that what they loved most was my relaxed, warm and fun nature. ALL of my clients say the thing they love most about working with me is my warm and relaxed nature. I enter your family like a close friend – someone who accepts you exactly where you’re at, someone who brings calm and experience. If everyone needs someone to hype them up and make them laugh – I’ll be your comedian. If everyone needs reassurance and a slower pace – I’m the queen of calm.

A Family Photoshoot with me is always easy and fun, leaving you with stunning heart-grabbing images that you’ll be proud to hang on your walls. 

wouldn't it be great if
you could capture stunning, natural images of you and your loved ones which you’re proud to hang on your walls – without creating more stress in your life? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have an easy, relaxed and enjoyable family photography session in beautiful Edinburgh, where you create fun, loving memories to be treasured always?
Well you can.

Family Collections

Once your images are edited you will be sent link to view a slideshow of your images, which is available for 24 hours.

To make the most of the experience, find the biggest screen you have, grab a nice drink, and sit back and enjoy the beautiful images of your family.

Once you’ve watched your slideshow, you can then choose from three image collections, depending on what suits your family. Some families might be looking for an update for one wall – so the small collection is perfect. Other families might not be able to choose – so the big collection is great for them.

Every collection includes a number of images (sent to you as high resolution digital files) and an amount of complimentary print credit. This credit is valid for a month for to you to spend in the online store on anything from albums, to print boxes and frames.

The story board frame included in this offer, is given ON TOP of your complimentary print credit, so you can buy gifts for grandparents, and make sure you still have beautiful art for yourself!

Here is a breakdown of the three image collections available.

The Small One

10 images

£50 print credit


The Not-So-Small One

20 images

£150 print credit


The Big One

All images from your session (minimum 40)

£350 print credit


Booking Form

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Terms and Conditions

Not valid with any other offer. Complimentary story board is available on purchase of complete image collection only. Only one booking per household. We will be in touch week commencing 10th January to arrange your booking time. Bookings must be carried out on or before the 30th April 2022.

Why I do what I do

I’m an award-winning professional photographer with over two decades of experience taking photographs professionally… (why thank you – no, I don’t look that old). I’m an Aussie who moved to Edinburgh to marry a Scot, and who now calls Scotland home. I’m also a wife and mum of three, who loves both good coffee and tasty Scottish gin. I am warm, fun, gentle and really easy going.

I would spend hours as a child pouring over family photo albums and picture frames. I loved learning about who people were, how they lived, who they loved. For me, photographs have always had a magical quality about them… They have the ability to remind us, transport us, capture our imagination and fill our hearts with joy.

I love nothing more than capturing candid, beautiful moments of love between the people I photograph.

Just below are some photos of me and my tribe. I can’t wait to capture your family story.