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Beautiful, heartwarming photographs of your family captured during fun, relaxed and natural photoshoots - without having to leave your front yard!


Back in 2020, when the world was turned upside down, I was searching for something to brighten my days. I love my family, and while spending concentrated time with them was very special, it was also incredibly intense. I am a mother, but I'm also a photographer, a volunteer, and a community worker. That part of me had been lost during those tumultuous times.

The minute I read about the movement to capture photographs of families on their front steps, I knew it was the project I needed. A few months later, we had raised over £5000 for Linlithgow Young People's Project (LYPP, now Youth Space). 

But it was more than just the fundraising. Folks who hadn't seen each other for months were able to see images of their friends happy and healthy. Families who, like mine, had been struggling with the burden of homeschooling, the anxiety of the news, and the distance from loved ones, were able to take time out to celebrate each other. The project documented the one thing that was good about that period in history - family and community connection.

I stumbled across these photos a few months ago and saw how much the families had grown since then. I knew I had to repeat the project. The Front Steps Project is back, capturing the beauty and essence of families in Linlithgow throughout the month of June. Let's create some new memories, celebrate your family's unique bond in a relaxed, warm, and joyous style, and support our wonderful community.

How does it work?

This very special family photography offer includes a photography mini-session at the front of your home (within Linlithgow) for your immediate family, or for a couple, or for housemates.

The session lasts for 15 minutes during which a set of beautiful photographs will be captured.

Two weeks after the session you will be sent a proof gallery of 10-15 of the best images captured. You may then select THREE to download and keep as part of the package.

Upgrades are available, perchance you like all the photos. There is also the option to frame your favourite image if you wish.
What if it rains? The purpose of these sessions is to capture life as it 'really' is, so we'll always try to go ahead. However, if there is a storm with a name or a torrential downpour, we'll reschedule. 
Bookings are available after school hours, evenings, and a few at weekends. You book a time using my self-booking system which links directly to my diary.
A percentage of all sales will go to support Youth Space (formerly Linlithgow Young People's project). 
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What you’ll love about working with me

I totally understand how crazy day to day life can be – I’m a mum of three! Whether you’re in the throes of toddlerhood or dealing with the rollercoaster of raising teens – I understand how intense it can be. The parenting journey is such a bizarre mix of LONG nights are really very quick years. Blink and they’re on the way to college.

The years are crazy, but also fleeting. One day you be glad to have beautiful portraits to look back on and enjoy.

But I get it, inviting a stranger into your busy life is a big thing! You want the whole thing to be easy, relaxed and fun. You want everyone to enjoy the process, and you want to look back on your family photoshoot with really happy memories.

You need a someone who totally understands if the house is a disaster zone, your teen isn’t cooperating, or your toddler is having a meltdown.

I am that family photographer. ALL of my clients say the thing they love most about working with me is my warm and relaxed nature. I enter your family like a close friend – someone who accepts you exactly where you’re at, someone who brings calm and experience. If everyone needs someone to hype them up and make them laugh – I’ll be your comedian. If everyone needs reassurance and a slower pace – I’m the queen of calm.

A Family Photoshoot with me is always easy and fun, leaving you with stunning heart-bursting images that you’ll be proud to hang on your walls. 

Why Youth Space?

The purpose of Youth Space (formerly Linlithgow Young People's Project) is to provide support for the young people of Linlithgow and surrounding areas - across all areas of their development. Youth Space provide activities, youth work, school holiday programmes, mentoring programmes, counselling services and much more.

I am pleased to know and have worked with many of the team at Youth Space, and many of the young folk I know have benefited hugely from their services, kindness and support. I am in awe of all they have achieved and the impact they are making in our local community. 

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If you can't just choose three photographs...

Full gallery of images - £100
8 x 12 inch photograph hand framed ready to hang on your wall - £200
8 x 12 inch professional prints, ready to frame yourself - £30 each

Why I do what I do

I’m an award-winning professional photographer with over two decades of experience taking photographs professionally… (why thank you – no, I don’t look that old). I’m an Aussie who moved to Edinburgh to marry a Scot, and who now calls Scotland home. I’m also a wife and mum of three, who loves both posh tea, tasty Scottish gin and anything musical theatre. I am warm, fun, gentle and really easy going.

I would spend hours as a child pouring over family photo albums and picture frames. I loved learning about who people were, how they lived, who they loved. For me, photographs have always had a magical quality about them… They have the ability to remind us, transport us, capture our imagination and fill our hearts with joy.

I love nothing more than capturing candid, beautiful moments of love between the people I photograph.

Below is my own family's front steps photo from during lockdown. Look how small my babies are?!

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