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I have always loved kids. Even when I was one I spent a lot of time planning how many I was going to have of my own! I love watching them learn and grow, I love chatting with them – hearing their view on the world and appreciating how they think.

Photographing children allows me to really focus in on a child, to spend time figuring out and documenting what makes them tick. It also enables me to freeze moments in time. Kids grow so incredibly quickly – it seems that every time I look at my three I notice something that’s changed. I’m sure I will spend many hours pouring over photos of my girls when they’re grown. 

As a professional photographer, part of my job is to create a relaxed atmosphere where children feel comfortable to be themselves. When I photograph children it’s much less about ‘saying cheese’ and more about having a chat about whatever topic comes to mind. Even before I lift my camera I’m spending time getting to know them. 

I am particularly good at capturing ‘real’ photos of children. Not the posed smiles they dish out ordinarily, but photos of them as they are when they don’t think anyone is looking.

Children’s photography can either happen as part of a bigger family photo session, or as an event on it’s own. You can find more information on my photography packages here.   


 “This is the second time Rebecca has photographed our little family and the resultant photographs are just wonderful! She has given me stunning, natural images of my daughter, which perfectly capture her character. We can’t wait to return!”


Below is a gallery on some of the images I’ve captured of children. To view a slideshow or an image enlarged please click on it.

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