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Newborn and baby photography Linlithgow

For me, newborn and baby photography should be three things;

  • Natural
  • Relaxed
  • Unobtrusive

Those first few days and weeks getting to know a new person and integrate them into your lives are both incredible and intense in equal measure. The home of a newborn is a sacred space - Mum is healing, baby is healing, and the family are adjusting to the new dynamic.

Newborn and baby photo sessions with me are very relaxed. I'm never in a rush, I'm very happy to fend for myself, and I like to help out where I can. If the baby needs a feed/sleep/change then we do just that. We go at your own pace.

Newborn and baby sessions are generally held in your home, where you are most comfortable and have access to everything you need. However I also attend hospitals/birth centres for 'Fresh 48' sessions if requested. These sessions capture baby at their most 'new' - less than 48 hours old.

My newborn and baby photography sessions are not time-limited, they last as long as is needed to get the photos you'd like. Siblings are encouraged to be part of the session as well as it's a great chance to get some pictures of the new family together.

In particular, I like to ensure Mum is comfortable both during the session and with the photographs of herself after. I get it - I'm a Mum of three - it's quite daunting having someone come into your home to photograph you when you're feeling so raw. But you can trust that I will ensure you look amazing in your photos - even if you're still in your pajamas! (and if baby is very new and you're not still in your pajamas I might just be asking why not?!).


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