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Book your child in for a fun dance photoshoot
on May 21st
Mariposa Studios and Rebecca Holmes Photography have again joined forces to bring the students of Mariposa a wonderful opportunity to capture some beautiful dance photographs… 

This year the theme is nature!
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What are we doing and how does it work?

This year we're going for a fresh nature theme. Forest green backdrop, white clothing on the children, and beautiful white petals for them to throw as they pose. 

On arrival, students will have the option of having some makeup/face paint applied. All are non-toxic and appropriate for children's skin. 

Once ready, the students will be guided by teachers into poses using the beautiful petals. They'll then perform their pose/jump/move on the photography set!

As always, this will all be kept at the child’s comfort level, and you will be on hand to supervise at all times.

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delighted with them all
Rebecca understands children and what makes a good photo. She has fun, puts everyone at ease and then gets amazing shots! We have had family, dance and school shoots and have been delighted with them all.
Zoe Gordon


After the session, Rebecca will cull the photographs and edit them. She'll place them in an online gallery for you to view and choose from.  

New for this year, we've set up a fixed package. The package includes your child's participation, two full-resolution digital images, and two 9 x 6-inch professional prints. These will be delivered to Mariposa (for Mariposa students) or to your home (for those not part of Mariposa). 

The photographs will be presented online, where you can choose the two images you'd like as part of your package. 

For those who participated last year, you'll remember that the editing took much longer than we'd hoped. This was mostly due to fraying fabric. Each photograph had to be hand-retouched to remove all the frays, this took over 80 hours. This year, we're being much more savvy so that the images are MUCH quicker to edit. You can expect to receive a gallery within 2 weeks. 
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All The info

DATE: Sunday 21st May
VENUE: Mariposa Studios, West Lodge, Bridgend Farm, 2 Champfleurie Mews, Linlithgow EH49 6NJ
Bookings are placed five minutes apart, but you can expect each session to take about 15 minutes - including both make-up/face paint and photography. 
Teachers will guide the children in how to pose and work with the petals to create the absolute best photographs.
Poses/moves will be kept within the child's capability - there are options for younger children as well as those who are advanced dancers.
The costume requirement is WHITE. This could be leggings, trousers, jeans, t-shirts, leotards, tutus... Anything you have that is white! Please avoid logos and typeface... We encourage borrowing over buying!
Full preparation and information guide provided after booking.
NEW £20 fixed fee package which includes participation, two full-resolution digital images, and two 9 x 6-inch professional prints.
For those bringing siblings, there will be the option of getting a photograph of them together.
For Mariposa students - photographs will be placed in a ‘year group’ collage in the Mariposa Studios hall of fame!

The Photographer - Rebecca Holmes

I’m Rebecca Holmes, an award winning people and dance photographer with over two decades of experience taking photographs professionally. I also have a background in musical theatre and dance.

When I'm not photographing, I’m a dance-mum of three, a sometimes costume maker and part-time vocal coach. I am particularly fond of Nutella (on anything) and I love a good Scottish gin.

I love working with dancers of all abilities, capturing beautiful images of them doing what they love. I have fond memories of the feeling of freedom, exhilaration and fun when I danced – and it’s that essence I aim to capture in all my dance photographs.

I am thrilled to be working with Eilidh again to bring you this fantastic event!

The Dance Teacher - Eilidh McCall

I grew up in Linlithgow dancing and went on to study performing arts and arts education at the Young Americans College of Performing Arts in California, USA. I was lucky enough to then tour America, Europe, Japan and the UK with the Company performing and teaching both children and adults from all walks of life, an experience I will never be able to put into words but changed and shaped the person I am today. 

After 5 years with the YA’s I chose to move on and looked to cruising as I had caught the travel bug! I’ve spent the last 3 years working onboard Princess Cruise Lines as a dancer and Assistant Manager. I’ve been so lucky to perform such incredibly diverse shows that pushed every style of my dance. Working beside such talented wonderful performers from all over the world has been a dream.

I am so thankful for the career I have had as a Professional Dancer, but my heart has always been in teaching and choreography. I have for a long time wanted to merge the experience I have gained from working all round the world and my wish to bring it back to the community i’ve grown up in.

I have created Mariposa Studios not as a dance school, but as a dance and creative space. The aim is simple ….. take a class, and enjoy. The classes on offer are open classes, available to anyone who wants to attend and just dance! 

I had the best time!
Rebecca made my shoot fun, she listened to me and helped me with ideas. I had the best time! She’s such a kind and fun person to be around and of course my photos are AMAZING! If any dancers out there are thinking about this, do it, you will have the best time!
Katy Murray

How to Book

To book your child into a session, please click on the appropriate button below.

You’ll then be taken to a booking page where you can choose a time slot, provide yours and your child's details, agree to the the terms and conditions, and then pay the fee.

Once complete, you'll be taken to a webpage with all the finer details and you'll also receive an email to confirm. 

Thank you, and we look forward to seeing you soon! 

PS. If you have more than three children please get in touch to book. 

unique ability to relax everyone
Rebecca is an incredible photographer but much more than that, she is such a lovely person. When having your photograph taken, it’s great to get that perfect snap but if you’re not comfortable then it shows. Rebecca has a very unique ability to relax everyone in the family. She makes you laugh and directs you in such a way that the end result is way better than a photographer who just knows how to work a camera well.
Debra Brogan