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Newborn and Maternity Photography
Here we go! Life as you know it is about to change. Whether you’re expecting or in the throes of early parenthood, life is one big rollercoaster at the moment, am I right? This is such a special time: one that may never roll round again.

Birthing your baby is one of those times in your life that you will forever remember. Documenting the birth gives you access to look back on it in all it’s raw, wonderful emotion and power. After all, birth is not just about welcoming a baby, it’s about welcoming a beautiful new mother.

Time moves so fast, one moment you’re holding a brand-new baby in your arms, the next, you’re waving them off to secondary school, then college. Having a set of relaxed, natural portraits taken of you and bump or you and baby is a gorgeous thing to do. You’ll look back at these photos and wonder how they were ever so small.
Newborn Photography by Rebecca Holmes
Newborn Photography by Rebecca Holmes
Maternity Photography by Rebecca Holmes
incredibly talented
Wow Rebecca! I have goose bumps! You’re so incredibly talented! Thank you so much for doing such an amazing job, you really saw my vision! I’ll be recommending you to everyone I know!
Leah Gray


Baby Photography Linlithgow
From bump, to very new newborn, to six-week-old or six-month-old, let’s make some beautiful memories, in the comfort of your own home.
Newborn Photography by Rebecca Holmes


£99 weekdays or £199 weekends


All of my collections include a mix of digital file and print credit, enabling you to choose exactly which products you’d like as part of your package. My collections start at £399.


Birth Photography Linlithgow
At home or in the hospital, I will document your birth story in an unobtrusive, quietly supportive way. I will be on call from 38 weeks and will capture the preparation, birth and moments after as you bond with your beautiful new addition.
Birth Photography by Rebecca Holmes


Packages from £650
Get in touch to talk about how I can help
We had such a lovely morning with Rebecca. All so relaxed which comes across in the shots that we have seen so far. She is absolutely amazing with the children and managed to calm both of them down all morning, which is no mean feat! Thanks so much.
Neil Douglas
Rebecca is a complete professional and takes absolutely stunning photos. She came to our home to photograph my family before and after the birth of my 2nd child.
As someone who doesn’t particularly enjoy being photographed,  I felt completely at ease with her and she was fab with my toddler. Highly recommend her service.
Aimee Littlejohn
We had a really relaxed morning with Rebecca who photographed our two young girls. They really enjoyed it and it shows in the photos which are incredible. We can’t thank you enough Rebecca! We have wonderful images and memories. I can’t recommend Rebecca highly enough. THANK YOU!
Sabina Kadic-Mackenzie

Frequently Asked Questions

Newborn Photography Linlithgow
Newborn Photography Linlithgow
Maternity sessions can be held anywhere, your home, a park, a forest, the beach – wherever you like! With all babies I suggest starting at home first and either conducting the whole session there or half there, half outdoors. But please please please, don’t stress about cleaning your house! The aim of me coming to you is to make it easy for you, not stressful. I can assure you the state of my house will always be worse!
Any age. I don’t set limits on how young or old your baby needs to be to get great photos. Every age has it’s own advantages and drawbacks. Very new newborns are very squishy and tiny, but they don’t usually have their eyes open or interact with the camera. Six month old’s can sit and interact with me, but might also crawl away… Some might take a little longer to photograph, but… Each age is adorable!
Absolutely! Fresh48 sessions – a newborn session which takes place within 48 hours of baby being born can be done either in hospital or at home. They’re very special sessions which capture your gorgeous newborn at the very new-new stage. Rest assured I’ve been there three times – these sessions are super gentle and relaxed, for both mum and baby. And of course, I’ll make sure it’s beautifully flattering for the new mum – capturing all of the new-baby glow and less of the post-birth exhaustion!
My aim is to capture babies as they are in their natural state. Not wrapped into balls and stuffed into baskets. However, I do bring a selection of neutral blankets to use should we need.
I adhere to the most rigorous hygiene standards. All my kit is wiped with antibacterial wipes before I attend a session and all blankets etc. are washed at 90 degrees. Inevitably I end up holding newborns during a session, so I also ensure I don’t wear any perfumes or toxic products on my skin (nothing worse than your baby smelling of someone else’s perfume!). I clean my hands thoroughly when I arrive at your home, and regularly top this up with antibacterial gel. If there’s any question at all about my health I will phone you ahead of time to discuss and most likely, reschedule.