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Photography taken by Niamh, P7 as part of
her course homework
Photography Training

Kids and Teens Photography Workshop


Suitable for Primary 6 through to S6
Run over three weekly sessions commencing  Monday 23rd January 2023

Does your child LOVE to take photographs? Of their food, themselves, every little detail of every place you take them? Do they love the idea of being the family photographer?

Then this workshop is for them!

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so impressed!
I have been so impressed by your course. It was so well organised, the feedback on students' work was very personalised, and my daughter has loved gaining photography skills. Many thanks to you!'


Your child or teen LOVES taking photos... All... The... Time. 

They love it when they get a great shot, but that is hardly ever by design - more often it's a case of numbers - take enough photographs and you're bound to get one half-decent one!

Photography is part of their lives. 

If you have a phone, you have a camera. Selfies, filters, social media... For this generation of kids and teens photographs of themselves aren't a luxury - they're common, a way of life. So why not give your child the gift of being able to create these photographs successfully?

You want to encourage your child to express their creativity. 

We all know how HUGELY important creativity is for our young people. When they're older many of our young people will end up doing jobs that aren't even invented yet. Gifting them with creativity and problem-solving skills is really THE best education a parent/carer can provide - helping them to take on whatever they may face in future. 

That's where this workshop comes in. 

This workshop focuses on giving your child the tools they need to take great photographs. Simple techniques to make sure their images of friends, family and events not only capture memories but are great to look at.

The workshop encourages them to explore and stretch their creativity with the kind of experimentation and 'out of the box' thinking that they'll need as they grow. 

With just a handful of simple techniques, a bit of fun practice, and some encouraging feedback, kids and teens can develop their skills to create a hobby that they can really enjoy. Whether on their phone or a 'proper' camera,  every child can learn to take fantastic pictures and grow in the process. 

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    absolutely amazing
    Thank you so much for the course, the feedback is absolutely amazing and I’m so proud and inspired to keep taking brilliant photos!

    All The Details

    An online workshop held over three 1.5 hour sessions starting 7pm on Monday 23rd January
    Two classes for different age groups. Small class numbers to allow time for plenty of questions and interaction. 
    Children can participate as much, or as little as they like. There's no pressure to talk online or share their work. 
    Students are posted a pack ahead of the course and are provided with handouts each session. 
    To obtain a completion certificate children will need to complete practice between each class. 
    Photos from their practice are uploaded to a (private) online gallery for me to see. Each week I provided individual feedback on their work via voice recording.
    On completion, digital certificates will be sent to your child/teen.
    £60 per child/teen, payable to secure thier place. Gift vouchers are available. 

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    Here's a brief overview of what's included in the course...

    Week 1

    What is photography and why do we do it?Why is photography important
    A short history of photography
    What makes a good photograph?
    How we see
    How does a camera work?
    All about light - Types, temperature, quality, direction
    Learning to see light better

    Week 2

    How does photography benefit the picture-taker?
    Why is creativity important
    What is mindfulness? Why does photography help us be mindful?
    What is exposure
    Depth of field
    Photography equipment – what do you really need?
    Basic composition techniques - Rule of thirds, Framing, Leading Lines

    Week 3

    Ways to keep your creativity flowing
    Basic composition techniques continued - Perspective, Simplicity and negative space, Pattern and texture
    Storytelling in photographs
    Photography rules including consent, GDPR and copyright
    Ethics of photo manipulation
    How to edit using SnapSeed
    Photography as a hobby or career
    Ideas for further study

    Who am I?

    I'm Rebecca Holmes and I run a thriving family and commercial photography business covering Edinburgh, the Lothians and beyond. I'm also a Mum of three daughters ranging from age 3 to age 12. 

    I have been photographing professionally for over two decades. I also have experience in teaching and facilitating workshops from a stint in the corporate world. 

    I am enthusiastic, fun, and relaxed both as a person and as a trainer. I am really good at converting tech-speak into easy to understand information and I work in a very hands-on way. 

    I firmly believe photography doesn't have to be difficult, and that with just a small amount of understanding and a few tweaks to technique – anyone can significantly improve their images. 

    I love the satisfaction kids and teens get out of having taken an absolutely beautiful picture. 
    examples of student's work

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    captivated throughout
    I am thrilled to say that I am now a much more confident amateur photographer. 

    I thoroughly enjoyed the day and was captivated throughout. The course is beautifully paced to introduce the beginner to how a camera works and unlocks the wonders of how to start creating great photos. 

    Rebecca explains each stage in a clear and easy to follow manner. She talks with passion about the joy of taking images to treasure and challenges you throughout the course so you can grasp the functions of our own camera. 
    Neil Gordon