Spring family photoshoots, now booking...
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Here's everything you need to know


School sessions will be held at Holy Cross Church Hall, Quality Street, Edinburgh, EH4 5BS

There is ample parking on site. You can access the parking from East Barnton Gardens. 

Please arrive on time as sessions are running back-to-back all day. 

Please enter the venue via the main doors where you will be greeted by one of our team. 


All adults and children over 12 years of age are required (at the time of writing) to wear a mask. Children will be able to remove their masks for the photographs. 

Please follow the guidelines we will have in place in regards to social distancing. 


Other than getting them nicely dressed, and wiping their faces clean - please DON'T prepare them. Practised smiles are forced smiles! Rebecca has LOTS of tricks to get your kids to produce a natural, relaxed, having-fun kind of smile. 

Please remember that for these sessions we can only photograph children who are able to sit unaided.  Please get in touch if this is a problem. 

What to wear

Children should attend wearing school uniform if they have one, or smart casual clothes if they don't. 

We suggest avoiding logos, fluorescent colours, bright patterns and typeface for the best photographs. 

How it will work

On arrival, you will be asked to hand-sanitise, then wait at the end of the hall until it is your turn. Please make sure your children wait with you, as we have a lot of equipment they could damage if they run around. 

When ready, Rebecca will call your children into the studio area. Unless specifically requested by Rebecca, we ask that parents and carers remain and observe from the waiting area. 

Rebecca will capture photographs of each individual child, and each sibling group. 

Once finished, you will exit with your children.. 

Rescheduling and cancellations

We can accept rescheduling up till 48 hours prior to the event. See your initial confirmation email for details on how to reschedule. 

Cancellations can be accepted up until 7 days prior to the event. After this, your booking fee will not be refunded. 

After the Session

Two weeks after the session the photographs will be made available in an online gallery for you to view and purchase. 

The link to your online gallery will be sent to the email address you provided when booking. 

Discounts are available on all purchases made within one week of the galleries going live. 

Please click here to view a complete price list.


Digital downloads will be delivered to your nominated email address. Prints and products will be delivered to your home. 


Rebecca has the capacity to take on just a few more schools on a yearly basis. If you think your school would be interested, please click below to get in touch. 

Frequently Asked Questions

We will present you with a minimum of three photographs per child, and two photographs per sibling group. 
In order to keep school photography prices low, we only perform a very basic level of editing across all images. We can provide a greater level of editing but would need to charge for our time. 
We make every effort to take photos of all children, however, sometimes they're not able to attend. We occasionally run wash-up sessions at our Linlithgow based studio, please get in touch to see if one is available. 
We do our very best to ensure each child looks as clean and tidy as possible before they have their photograph taken – but ultimately they are the masters of their own appearance!
No, sorry. In order to keep prices low our ordering system is entirely automated. The packages and products that are available are all we can offer. 
Yes! This was key for us after years of frustrating package buying. You can create packages with mixed photos of a child. 
You will receive an email when your child's photos are ready to view and purchase if you wish. That email contains a link to a video that steps through the ordering process in detail. Still stuck? Get in touch with us. 
No sorry, we usually only have time for individual and sibling photographs. 
No, we haven't. School photos are taken using special techniques to ensure colour accuracy. Every photo is edited in exactly the same way. This cuts down on time, which enables us to keep school prices low. 
Any other Questions? Click here to get in touch