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Photography that helps you stand out from the crowd
Photographs that tell the story of your business, communicate what you have to offer, and show your customers and retailers why they should buy from you.


Photography plays a critical role in how you portray your business to your customers and clients, and how potential clients see you. First impressions last. Customers shop with their eyes and will often make decisions based on their first impression, especially in the food and drink industry.

Your photographs need to tell the story of your business, communicate what you have to offer, and show customers and retailers, why they should buy from you.
the best photos you will ever have
Rebecca is a consummate professional who makes being photographed a relaxing experience. Rebecca turns what could be a dry photo shoot into an engaging and fun occasion. I would highly recommend Rebecca whatever the circumstances – work, school, wedding or just because you want the best photos you will ever have.
Joanna Whittington

Why you need photographs of what you do

You’ve worked so hard to build your business. Late nights, early mornings… Really hard graft. The last thing you should need to do is to stand and pose for some photographs, right? Sorry – wrong.

Your average Joe or Jane Bloggs is exposed to more than 5000 advertisements PER DAY. So if you’re showing up in marketing with phone photos, or worse – no photos, the average person is simply going to pass you by. Let’s be honest, most of us shop based on first impression, and most of us shop visually.

But I’m guessing that for many of you, the thought of posing in front of a camera feels a bit out of your comfort zone. You don’t want to look or feel awkward and weird. And you most certainly don’t want it to take a long time! Am I right?

Read on to find out how I can help…

Wouldn’t it be great if…

You had a bank of images that told the story of your business and your products?

A set of images you’re proud of – that you can use on your website, can give to retailers for promotions and can use on social media.

What if you never again had to scramble to produce a phone photograph of you or your product?

What if the whole process of getting these photographs taken was easy, stress-free and actually enjoyable?!

How Brand Photography Works

When working with me you get a premium service, with a warm and relaxed feel.

We start with a chat so I can discover a bit about what you do and how you do it. We talk about what you might use the images for, how you want to be portrayed and what type of customers you’re targeting.

I’ll send you a detailed brand workbook which you can work through to help you understand exactly what your ‘brand’ is, and how you’d like it to portrayed in the images and film we take.

Using all this information I will compile a plan for our photography session, to make sure we get all the images you need.
We’ll keep in touch in the run-up to the photography session, keeping an eye on the weather if we’re going to need to photograph outdoors. Sessions will be rescheduled if the weather prevents us from going ahead.

All my clients describe their photography session as relaxed, fun, and a whole lot easier than they were expecting it to be. I guide you in exactly what to do and how to do it, to make sure we get the absolute best photography and film to represent your business.

Typically, most clients spend three hours on the photography session – especially those who have a mixture of product and ‘people’ imagery required.
Following the session I will deliver your images, films and other items digitally, ready for you to use online.

I can also organise printing and framing (should you wish to display your images in your place of business) and brochure design services.

And it doesn’t end there. I provide LOTS of really useful information and guidance to help you make the absolute best of your new imagery.
I'm absolutely thrilled
I was very nervous before I met up with Rebecca as loathe being in front of the camera even in casual settings. But I needed to get professional photos done for my online business. Rebecca was very understanding and could tell I was terrified, so took me outside to a beautiful location where I could really relax rather than literally having the spotlight on me in a studio. Everyone has been wowed by the results and I’m absolutely thrilled because they are so different to what everyone else is showing up with – so I’d thoroughly recommend Rebecca to anyone who feels a bit nervous.’
Alex Sheach
Rebecca Holmes

Who am I?

I’m Rebecca Holmes, an award-winning photographer with over two decades of experience taking photographs professionally. I also have a background in the hospitality industry – specifically as a restaurant and cafe manager.

I was born in rural Australia and moved to Scotland with my Scottish husband almost 16 years ago. I’m a mum of three daughters, a foodie, a try-hard vegetable gardener, and a lover of Scottish gin.

I love working with businesses of all types, telling the story of how and why you do what you do, in a creative and engaging way. Meeting wonderful new folk and hearing their stories, all while travelling over Scotland makes this my absolute dream job.

I am thrilled to be an affiliate member of Scotland Food and Drink, and really look forward to meeting many of it’s wonderful members.

All the info...

Three packages available – one hour, three hours and several sessions over a full year. Tailored packages available if required.
Packages include digital files with full commercial rights.
Sessions at a time and place to suit you.
Detailed advice on how to present both yourself and your business.
Product photography available, either lifestyle (products in use) or with white background.
20% discount for Scotland Food and Drink members 
Packages starting from £749.
Packages can include – social media plans and templates, ‘show reels’, mini brand films.
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