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Just for a bit of fun, and by way of getting to know the person behind RHP a bit more, here's 20 things you may not have known about me!

  • I'm an Australian who first fell in love with a Scotsman, then fell in love with Scotland.
  • I have three beautiful daughters aged 10, 6 and [almost] 2.
  • I love crochet, sewing costumes and calligraphy.
  • Photography has been a way for me to capture all those moments with my family that I desperately don’t want to forget - the tiny details that can so easily blur into the years.
  • My husband, David also works at Rebecca Holmes Photography, but is more the silent-supportive-techy type.
  • I have played flute and piano for as long as I can remember and have just this year started learning cello, it's awesome.
  • I can wiggle each of my ears independently of the other... Yep, proper freak.
  • My only post-school formal qualifications are in performing arts, specifically musical theatre!
  • My favourite photo shoot to date was for a band, with a bright red sofa on Coogee Beach in Sydney… I was in the band too! (we weren’t very good)
  • I’ve recently joined my local Amateur Musical Productions Company and am absolutely loving being back on stage again.
  • I taught myself to face-paint and I love it!
  • I love reading young adult fiction and am currently reading my way through the Harley Merlin series. I'm perfectly capable of reading books aimed at 'bigger' adults, but they're rarely as much fun!
  • On that note, my favourite bookshop is Far From the Madding Crowd in Linlithgow. Sally's recommendations are awesome. Give her a personality type and she'll find the perfect book.
  • I love gardening, but am almost entirely a stick-it-in-and-see-if-it-grows kind of gardener.
  • I once sang a song called 'I Can Cook Too' to a live audience dressed as a maid, while dancing in roller-skates and balancing a tray of drinks. (There's a video, but unfortunately [fortunately!] no photos!)
  • My other favourite photoshoot was a boudoir shoot for a lady who'd had breast cancer and difficulties with reconstruction. It was all about getting her confidence back... They're still some of by most favourite photos.
  • I love Star Trek. My favourite series so far is Deep Space Nine. I'm just a tad excited about the new Piccard series.
  • I’ve a soft spot for Community Building and Development – building resilience in communities through shared knowledge, resources and expertise. I have my Grandparents to thank for that - they were pillars of their local community.
  • I can [and do] literally spend hours in the bath. I can turn the hot tap on and off with my feet, which is perfect really.... Though more perfect if there's also a gin and tonic in my hand!
  • I love photographing people and have in my time photographed adults, children, babies, pregnant women, weddings, dancers, actors and taken pictures for local businesses and voluntary organisations – about the only photography I’m not a massive fan of doing is landscapes… I’ve even photographed a homebirth! (And yes, it was AMAZING!)
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