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Show what you do; demonstrate WHO you are

When a potential client lands on your website you need to capture their attention quickly. 
You need to demonstrate what you do, who you are, and SHOW them that you'd be perfect for them. 
Videography is one of the quickest ways to grab attention. 

Film that captures why you're so awesome at what you do

Brand and business videography in Edinburgh and throughout scotland

Brand Photography by Rebecca Holmes

Have you ever wished that you could just SPEAK to anyone who landed on your website? Reach out through the computer and have a conversation. Demonstrate, just through being you - why you're the person to help them with their problem?

Well, short of some online wizardry which leaps you off the screen - brand videography is the next best option. 

We create a brand film which effortlessly draws in your perfect clients. It shows them who you are, what you're passionate about, and how you can help them. It helps them feel like they know you, so they feel supremely comfortable getting in touch to book you. 


Why I do what I do

I'm Rebecca Holmes, I'm an award-winning photographer of over two decades. I'm also a mum, a try-hard gardener, musician, foodie and a lover of great Scottish gin... And a film maker!

I'm an Aussie who married a Scot and settled here in beautiful Scotland where I now raise my three daughters. 

In my life, I've owned and managed several businesses – in the creative arts, hospitality, holistic therapies and finance. I bring this wealth of experience with me as I work with all of my brand film clients. 

Working with businesses gives me a huge buzz. I enjoy getting to know a brand's story, values and mission, then translating that into creative photography and film. 

I get a wonderful kick of joy watching other business owners feel more confident as a result of great photography and film. Watching them show up and be seen doing what they're passionate about, is a hugely rewarding. 

All The info

We meet to have a chat so that I can learn everything there is to know about your business. Your offering, your values, your ambitions, who your clients are, and how your process works.
We also discuss the aims of the film - what you need it to achieve for you and what you're keen to get across to your audience. 
Following our chat I send you a questionnaire populated with the information I've gained from our discussion, but with plenty of room for you to add details and elaborate. 
Once I recieve the completed questionnaire I work on crafting an outline of your brand film. This is where I creatively figure out how best to showcase everything your business is, and has to offer. 
I provide a draft film brief for you to review and provide comments on. This will include everything from storyline to outfits, to key themes and locations. We'll finalise this draft together until you're comfortable that we have everything we need. 
On shoot day we'll meet at the various locations, and film you 'doing your thing'. Filming might include an interview, footage of you interacting with clients, footage of your products or services in action. This process usually takes between 2 and 4 hours, but it's very chilled out, and there'll be plenty of time for breaks. 
You relax while I edit all the footage into a draft of the film. I'll provide a transcript so you can review the language used, and then drafts of the film itself for you to provide comment.
Once fully edited, and you're supremely happy, I'll send you several versions of your film, in various sizes for website/social media etc. And with and without subtitles. I'll also send you a selection of short clips from the day which you can use for snippets on your website, and social media posts. 


About me - Brand overview film


Create a film which introduces who you are and what you do - as an individual or business. This film is ideally located on the homepage or 'About Me' page of your website. 
Planning questionnaire
planning ession with Rebecca
2-4 hour brand filming session
2-4 minute finished film
2-3 locations and outfit changes
2 draft reviews included
Fully licensed music included
Voice-over or interview filming included
A selection of short film clips from your session, for use on social media

Adding a film to your brand photography package? Then we can photograph and film at the same time. The price for adding a brand film is £600. 


If you need something different to the above, please get in touch for a bespoke quote. 

Get in touch to talk about how I can help


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