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I don't know where we're going but I promise it won't be dull

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My photography style is natural, joyful and timeless, and I just love capturing people’s unique personalities. I just love capturing all the beautiful and fleeting moments for my awesome families, and adore meeting loads of new and interesting people in my business work.

My clients choose me for my ability to ‘get’ who they are. They love beautiful photography and are excited to finally have decent photos of themselves or their business. You’re looking for a portrait photographer who you can feel comfortable with and who will give you a wonderful experience. Someone who knows what it’s like to have kids, will make a shoot fun and easy and will capture the awesomeness of you, your family or your team – and that’s exactly what I do.

A photography session with me is relaxed and easy. Families will spend quality time together capturing precious memories, and businesses will find it’s a great way to focus on the strength and general awesomeness of what you do.

Whether it’s together with your family, your baby’s first photos or getting headshots for your business, I promise you’ll enjoy yourself and leave feeling fantastic.

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"Rebecca is an incredible photographer but much more than that, she is such a lovely person. When having your photograph taken, it’s great to get that perfect snap but if you’re not comfortable then it shows. Rebecca has a very unique ability to relax everyone in the family. She makes you laugh and directs you in such a way that the end result is way better than a photographer who just knows how to work a camera well."

Debra B

A bit about me...


I’m an Aussie who fell in love with a Scotsman, moved herself to sunny Linlithgow (it’s just outside Edinburgh...in case you were wondering) and had three beautiful babies. I’ve been taking photos for a very long time. I love my job and honestly can’t think of anything I could do that would bring me as much joy. I like to help people feel seen, to feel heard. I want my work to really show my clients as I see them: confident, glorious and loving life.

Funny story: lots of my portraits are used - eventually - on the orders of service for funerals. I know! Sounds like tragic feedback, doesn’t it? I really wasn’t too sure how to feel about it the first time I saw one, but when I really considered it, it’s the grandest of compliments. The perfect photo to use on the last event that celebrates you should be honest, moving and happy. And lots of people choose mine. It’s actually sort of beautiful when you think about it.


You'll love me if...

You’re after something low key but lovely

If you want some portraits taken but are having the heebie-jeebies about having your photo taken, then I’m the perfect photographer for you. I keep things calm, fun and very, very chilled.

You might want to look elsewhere if...

You’re just after something quick ‘n’ cheap

Just want a set of digital files? A set of snap-and-go photos needed quick smart is all well and good but I’m not your girl for that kind of photo shoot. I like to take my time, connect with my client and deliver something gorgeous and bespoke. Plus, I deliver prints with all of my packages (as well as digital).

When I'm not photographing I'm...


What's in my kit bag?

I'm not a tech-y photographer in any way. I have kit that works, that I rely on - but I don't remember (or care about much) the ins and outs of the technical aspects of it. Frankly, that kind of stuff makes me glaze over. My kit is like another limb. It's there and it works, but I don't feel the need to analyse it! However for the photo-geeks out there, here's a bit about what I use and why...

I shoot Nikon because that's what I moved to when I went digital, I know it, and love it. I'm not shooting mirrorless (yet) because I don't like the separation I feel from my subject looking through the viewfinder at a small computer screen. However the low weight of mirrorless kit is very enticing. I choose Mac over PC because I like the integration it gives me with my phone/tablet etc. and I really like how intuitive it is.

Here's just a bit of what is in my kit bags...

  • Camera bodies - Nikon D850 and a Nikon D800
  • Lenses - Sigma Art 50mm f1.4, Nikon 80mm f1.4, Nikon 105mm f2.8 macro, Nikon 24-70mm f2.8, Sigma 70-200mm
  • Couple of large white reflectors
  • A couple of Nikon speedlights, an SB5000 and SB600
  • An Elinchrom studio lighting kit
  • MacBook Pro

Rebecca Holmes

Madderfield Mews

Linlithgow, EH49 7HB

07970 318 566


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