How important is it to have a professional, confident headshot? I’ll answer you with just one word: VERY. If you’re a small (or even large!) business owner, your clients want to put their trust in a face, not a corporation. If you’re dreading it, worry not, I’m an expert in feel-good headshots.  



15-30 minutes of my time 

A location that suits you 

10 professionally edited images in an online gallery for you to choose from 

Choose 2 images which will be sent as digital files in both high res (for print) and web-ready size 

WEEKDAYS:    £95
WEEKENDS:    £115

headshot portfolio

Rebecca is a wonderful photographer; she is patient, understands how to get the best picture and her humour will get everyone smiling a real smile. 

Rebecca knows how to relax her subjects so that she can capture the real person, not their ‘photo persona’. The results are outstanding. 

I cannot recommend Rebecca highly enough. 

Joanna Whittington

I was very nervous before I met up with Rebecca as loathe being in front of the camera even in casual settings. But I needed to get professional photos done for my online business. Rebecca was very understanding and could tell I was terrified, so took me outside to a beautiful location where I could really relax rather than literally having the spotlight on me in a studio. Everyone has been wowed by the results and I’m absolutely thrilled because they are so different to what everyone else is showing up with – so I’d thoroughly recommend Rebecca to anyone who feels a bit nervous. 

Alex Sheach

The Badass Divorcée


Where should we take my headshots?

When you book with me, we can discuss what ‘look’ you’re going for in your headshots, then come up with a good location.  

Do you work outdoors? Then a session at a local park might suit you. Do you work in the corporate world? Then maybe we could meet at your office, or find a local venue with a ‘corporate’ feel. The possibilities are endless, but I’ll help guide you through them. 

Can you retouch my photos?

Yes, absolutely. I routinely retouch stray hairs, dark circles, blemishes and can ‘tone down’ wrinkles. However, my policy is that the photo absolutely still needs to look like you, as you are right now. I will not change your dress size, or manipulate your shape in any way. This is a body-shaming-free zone, people.  

I’m really nervous about doing this. Help.

Don’t panic. One of my superpowers is helping people feel comfortable in front of the camera. We’ll talk through your concerns and fears, go really slowly and find a setting and pose you feel comfortable with. Trust me, it’s all going to be fabulous.  

What do I wear?

When you book in for a headshot session, I’ll send you lots of information on what to wear and how to do hair/makeup. I’ll even send you some Pinterest boards to peruse with lots of example photos. The key thing to remember? COMFORT.  

How do I stand? Smile? Look? And for the love of God, what do I do with my hands?

Don’t worry, I’ll talk you through all of that. You won’t be left wondering what to do or feeling awkward at any stage. I’ll hold your hand every step of the way (not literally – that’d be weird).  





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