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6 Reasons to Frame Your Family Photos

Family photos have a special kind of magic about them, don’t they? They bring you joy, make you smile. And they can even give you a glimmer of hope when you’re starting to lose the plot! And that’s one reason why you should frame your family photos. Because nothing this beautiful belongs on a memory stick. 

But there are other reasons, too. Real, scientific reasons! Because they’re not just pretty photos of your family. They’re works of art that have been scientifically proven to boost your children’s self-esteem, make your whole family happier and make a house a home. Your home. 

As a family photographer in Edinburgh, I love that I get to create something that brings people so much joy. And it breaks my heart to think that some family photos are destined to only ever be viewed through a screen. 

So I’ve put together a list of all the reasons why you should frame your family photos. So that these magical things might escape their USB jail and live where they belong. Enjoyed as part of your daily life, on the walls of your home.

1. They improve your children’s mental health

According to research by David Krauss, a psychologist from Ohio, printed family photos boost your child’s self-esteem. Because they remind them that they’re valued, special, and important. And this secures their place in the world, and in turn, boosts their self-confidence. 

I always make my family sessions as fun and inclusive as possible. And so every day your child will see a photo of themselves being happy, having fun, and being part of a loving family. A daily reminder of where they belong, and that they’ll always have a loving home.

2. They can be good for your sanity

Being a parent isn’t always easy. And as a mother of three, while I love my daughters more than anything else in the world, some days my patience can be *cough* a little stretched! 

But framed family photos can protect your sanity on these difficult days. They capture your family’s love for each other at a time when all was right with the world. And remind you that these rare difficult days don’t last forever. And sometimes this can give you the little boost you need. 

One of my clients has a gorgeous picture of her daughters framed on her dining room wall. And she says it helps her on the days when the kids aren’t getting on, or parenting is tricky. I love this idea particularly.

3. It sets your family photos apart from all the other photos

We take more photos now than any other generation in history. We take photos of our food when it arrives, when we think we look nice, when the train’s delayed. An electronic photo is a throwaway thing. 

So having your family photos printed and framed sets them apart. It gives them importance, and shows your children where your priorities lie. Of all the photos you’ve taken, posted, deleted, discarded, forgotten about, this photo of your family has transcended the rest. 

These are the photos that have made it into the physical world. The ones that matter.

4. They release happy hormones

Looking at photographs of a time when you were happy makes your brain release oxytocin, which is your happy hormone. So having them on your walls will literally make your whole family happier every day! You’ll stop to look at them and your brain will be flooded with happy hormones.

I always want our family photo sessions together to be fun! I don’t want you stiffly posing, or feeling awkward. Because who wants a photo of that?! You can just relax, play silly games, and I capture you enjoying quality time together as a family. 

And these are the photos that bring you all those happy hormones whenever you look at them. Because they’ll bring back those same feelings of joy and love. 

5. Photography is art that makes your house a home

Photography is a beautiful artform. And family photos look great on walls! Because they’re not just pictures. They’re beautiful pieces of art that make your house your home, where you belong, where your family has its roots. And as soon as you walk in, you feel like you’re home.

From an aesthetic perspective, there are some things to consider in this respect. I always recommend choosing outfits for your family shoot that compliment the decor of the room you’re going to hang it in. So that the photo ‘goes’ with the room.

6. They become family heirlooms

There’s something wonderful about holding something. That tangible feeling of having something in your hands that means something to you. And having your photos printed gives them this tangible, physical value. It makes them precious. 

They’ll be something you can give to your children to put on the walls of their first home. You won’t just be emailing them a link to a gallery. You’ll be handing a priceless piece of family history. Something they can take with them into the future.

Looking for a family photographer in Edinburgh?

I’ve been a family photographer in Edinburgh for some time now. And it means I’ve got to see so many families grow over the years. I love going back to people’s houses and seeing photos of their family framed on their walls that I’ve taken years before. Because it makes me feel like I’m a small part of their family history. 

As the kids grow up and life moves on, photos that capture this time in your family’s journey will mean the world to you in years to come. And be beloved features on the walls of your home.
My family photo sessions are relaxed, intimate and most of all fun! And completely centred around you spending some time together as a family. If you’re looking for a family photographer in Edinburgh or the surrounding areas, I’d love to hear from you. Please get in touch today to check my availability.