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Thank you for your booking!
Here's everything you need to know


The photographs will be taken on your front doorstep or yard. They won't be taken in backyards, or nearby parks or anything other than your front steps. 

How it will work

You'll receive a text message the day before your session confirming that everything is good to go ahead. The only things that could stop a session are dangerous weather or ill health. 

On the day, I'll turn up at your door and ask you to pop outside. I'll then guide you and your family into gentle, relaxed setups so I can take some beautiful photographs. This might involve some games, too—whatever helps to get really natural smiles. 

I will be with you for 15 minutes before heading off to the next session. But don't worry, 15 minutes is plenty of time for me to get a great set of photographs of your family!


Other than getting them nicely dressed, and wiping their faces clean - please DON'T prepare them. Practised smiles are forced smiles! I have LOTS of tricks to get your kids to produce a natural, relaxed, having-fun kind of smile. 

What to wear

For my full family photography sessions, I offer pages of information on what to wear. But these front steps photos are meant to be much less staged. The idea is that they're very real and natural photographs of you and your family.

So long as the clothes are decent, not too scruffy, and well-fitting, the session will work well. It's usually best to avoid typeface and big logos - but if that upsets a teen with a Nike obsession, who am I to argue?! 

Rescheduling and cancellations

Sessions cannot be rescheduled unless there is severe weather, or ill-health. In such circumstances, we will work out a mutually convenient time to reschedule. 

If you need to cancel, please let us know as soon as possible. Please bear in mind that your payment is non refundable. 


Within two weeks of your session I will send you a gallery of images to choose from. You can then choose your images from within the gallery, downloading the photographs you'd like to keep. Please note that galleries will only be open for one month - please make your choice of images within that timeframe. 

If you choose to purchase any frames, these will be delivered at the end of the school summer holidays.