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Yearbook Club

The family photography membership

"I keep meaning to schedule family photos... Life is just so busy"

I get it, absolutely! Between work, and kids and life, everything is just SO busy. You want to prioritise things like yearly family photographs, but you get so caught up in the day-to-day that it often gets missed. You haven't planned it in time, haven't budgeted for it... So it goes missed for another precious year.

Equally, if you're anything like me, the thought of how quickly your children are growing fills you with dread. From one year to the next there's so much change in the way they look, their attitudes, what they're interested in... If only you could capture just a slice of that to remember it forever – a snapshot of what they were like. 

My solution?

Just like every other important life goal we budget for (holidays, retirement etc), why not put aside a bit per month to ensure you never miss capturing a year in your family's life? A 'set it and forget it' type thing, where we contact you and offer you the best dates to ensure you never miss a year. 

Enter... The Yearbook club.  

Your children are growing so fast.  

We all say it – the nights are long but the years are short. I can't believe my eldest is in high school already – how did that happen? It was only yesterday I nervously held her for the first time. Today she asked when she can learn to drive.

You want to prioritise important things like family photographs, but so often life gets in the way.

Managing 'all the things' life throws at us is hard going. You want photographs, you want to capture these precious memories, gathering a shelf of beautiful photo albums to pour over for years - but so often the organisation of it gets pushed to the bottom of the never-ending pile of 'important things to do if only I had the time'. 

You like the predictability of regular expenses.

Knowing that something important is budgeted for, taken care of, is hugely important to you. For you, it needs to be effortless, easy, without stress or worry.

Rebecca has photographed my boys many times and I've always loved the photos which hang on my wall at home. She is so great at making the kids feel relaxed and at ease and always gets such natural photographs... Rebecca is such a special talent.
Vicki McCorkell
This is the second time Rebecca has photographed our little family and the resultant photographs are just wonderful! She has given me stunning, natural images of my daughter, which perfectly capture her character. We can’t wait to return again!
Gail Millar
Rebecca has a passion for this and a connection with people that allow her to capture the very best images. Love the photos she got of my wife and kids: perfect in every way.
Gerry McArdle


Yearbook Club explained...

Once you sign up for the YBC, you can schedule this years session from our online diary.
Twice a year we will open the diary to our YBC members, ahead of regular session bookings - enabling you get the best dates. 
You'll recieve all the usual support with venues, what to wear and how to present your photographs.
Fun, relaxed, memorable photography sessions that your family will look forward to every year. And as everyone already knows Rebecca - the sessions are very easy and enjoyable... No 'getting to know you' time needed.
Monthly automatic payments so you can 'set it and forget it', until WE get in touch with you to either schedule your next session or renew your membership.
Memories captured every year, creating a beautiful row of photo albums telling the story of your wonderful family. 
Membership runs from February to January each year.


    Significant discounts as a thank you for your loyalty. 

    No separate session fees and no additional fee for weekend sessions. 
    Full set of digital files with every session.
    A yearly school/nursery portrait session for each child, including a set of digital files (with the middle and top packages)
    Automatic monthly billing, helping to spread the cost over the year.
    Priority booking. My diary will open twice a year allowing you to self-book on a date that suits you. 
    Easy online galleries, with access to online shop with additional prints and artwork products if you wish. 
    An annually updated guide on how to prepare for your session. 
    Access to purchase one-off mini sessions, which are great for things like maternity shoots, special events, grandparent visits, new puppies! (not available to non-members).

    Who am I?

    I'm Rebecca Holmes and I run a thriving family and commercial photography business covering Edinburgh, the Lothians and beyond. I have been photographing professionally for over two decades.  

    As a Mum of three, I know just how precious these family years are, and how quickly each one passes as my children grow. 

    I also know how difficult it can be to keep on top of all the things that you need and want to do with your family. I get that the last thing you need is anything complicated or tricky. 

    I photograph so that I can etch memories and feelings into my brain. So that I can look back on them, and enjoy them, for years to come. 

    This is what I do for you too. 


    Things you need to know...

    I am limiting the number of YBC memberships, so that I can ensure a premium level of service.
    I'm keeping the enrolment period short as my diary is already filling, and I'd like to know how many YBC clients I already have before I open my diary to new clients. Enrolment closes 10/02/23.
    We will share my availability twice a year. Once in February and once in August.
    Sessions will be self-scheduled via online booking software. Those first to schedule will get the best choice of available times. 
    Rescheduling for bad weather, illness etc. will be handled in the same way as for all family sessions - we will choose an alternative time.
    In future years, members will be asked if they'd like to continue, ahead of the enrolment being opened to new members. There is no obligation to continue membership. 
    If you choose to renew, but would like to change your subscription up or down, you are welcome to, during the renewal period only. 
    Membership is dependant on you signing a contract to confirm you'll make the regular payments for at least a whole year. 
    There will be two opportunities to complete your yearly school photography sessions (if choosing the middle or top tier of membership). The school sessions are held in Edinburgh in May, or Linlithgow late August. 

    Full terms and conditions are available to view by clicking here. These will be personalised for you, before signing. 


    There are three tiers of membership to choose from, detailed below.

    The Key Club

    Bi-yearly full family photography session (every second year, weekday or weekend)

    Full set of digital files

    Yearly school/portrait photography session with digital images supplied

    £40 per month

    Yearly: £480
    Value per year: £505
    Saving per session: £100

    The Photo Club

    Yearly full family photography session (weekday or weekend)

    Full set of digital files

    Yearly school/portrait session with digital images supplied

    £66 per month

    Yearly: £792
    Value: £950
    Yearly Saving: £158

    The Book Club

    Yearly full family photography session (weekday or weekend)

    Full set of digital files

    Yearly school/portrait session with digital images supplied

    Yearly photo album for your shelf

    £78 per month

    Yearly: £936
    Value: £1300
    Yearly Saving: £364

    Like the sound of it and want to join?

    Thank you! That's great!

    Membership will be opening on Sunday, 19th February 6pm. The joining window will then close again on Sunday 26th February at 6pm. When the membership opens, please click on the button below to enter your details, and first payment. 

    Please note that there are limited membership places, to ensure I can provide amazing service for each of my members. 


    Once you join, here's what will happen next...

    Once you've joined you'll immediately be able to download the full family membership guide, so you can get planning!

    Jen, my wonderful Studio Manager will then be in touch, asking you to sign the terms and conditions - just to keep us all lined up.

    Once done, she'll send you a link to book your first session online! Exciting!



    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes. However, as part of membership, you will be asked to sign a contract where you agree to pay at least the full year's membership fees. 
    In theory, yes. However, membership spaces are limited, and by invitation only, so there is no guarantee there'd be a space for you to come back to in future years. 
    There are LOADS of times available so this is unlikely. However, in the event that it does happen, get in touch and we'll see what we can shift about.
    Mini sessions are small, top up photography sessions ONLY available to members. They are 30 minutes long, cost £250 and include 20 digital images. You could use one of these sessions for lots of things, for example - a maternity shoot, new puppy, special event, or for topping up your headshots. Mini sessions are ONLY available to members.
    Within 40 miles of Linlithgow is included. Travel further afield will incur an additional charge. 
    No, sorry. Memberships are only offered by invitation. 
    No, sorry. One membership for one family. You may, however, include extended family in some of your sessions if you wish. However, this will reduce the number of photographs you receive. 
    Any other Questions? Click here to get in touch