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Taking up photography? Been at it for a few years, but want to work on your style, or work out what all those extras on your camera do? Roll up, roll up for the Rebecca Holmes School of Photography! As you might expect, I offer a laid-back approach to my workshops, focusing (pun intended) on improving, educating and inspiring my pupils. Take a look at my packages below, if you’ve got any questions, just fling me an email.  



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Photography Training for Adults


Ever wondered what all the settings on your camera are for? Want to know how to take control of your images, rather than allow your camera to make all the decisions? Have you tried photographing in manual mode but never really managed to ‘get it’? Do you take loads of photos, and find that only a few of them are ‘decent’? Desperate to nail that blur effect for the background of your images? 

I can help with all of these conundrums. All of them (and more).  

In this workshop, you’ll leave auto settings behind and confidently move to full manual. You will learn how to take control of your camera, creating greater consistency in your photos, leaving you free to let your creative flag fly.

FROM:    £85 per person


So you know your way around your camera and you’re fairly confidently taking perfectly exposed photos (most of the time) and are really enjoying the art of photography. You know how to photograph in manual and can flip between manual and auto depending on the shot. However, your images are missing that extra edge. A bit lacking in the “wow factor” that other professional photographers seem able to conjure up. If this sounds like you, then come on in.  

 In this workshop, we’ll expand on the knowledge from the Beginners’ course and give you the tools you need to open up your creativity and produce some really Grade A images that’d make Annie Leibovitz herself green with envy.  

We’ll cover… CompositionHistograms, White balance and use of colour, Intermediate depth of field, Creative use of light – All with lots of guided practice and feedback 

FROM:    £85 per person

Photography Training Kids and Teens


No special camera is needed – an iPhone, ‘point and shoot’ camera or digital SLR will all work perfectly.

  • For students P7 and upward
  • THREE hour-and-a-half online workshops (held on Zoom) after school hours on the 1st, 8th and 15th of February 2021
  • In between online sessions, students put their new-found skills into practice with set challenges to complete
  • Students upload their photos to a (private) online folder and receive individual feedback, ensuring they can extend their skills no matter where they start
  • The course is structured around the key elements of photography; light, composition and creativity. We also cover the history of photography, photography equipment, photography for mindfulness, how to progress in photography and much more. 
  • All students receive a starter pack ahead of the course, written feedback each week, a completion certificate and two mounted prints of their best images. 

FROM:    £49 per student


Coming in 2021

The next step for those who have already completed my introduction course for kids and teens. 

Will require the use of a digital SLR camera. 



Prefer to learn alone? Then mentoring is for you. These sessions are guided by you – what you’d like to learn about photography, and how you’d like to improve your skills. They take place in central Linlithgow or Edinburgh, though I am happy to travel if needed.  

 £70 per hour

Who am I?

I run a thriving family and commercial photography business based in Linlithgow and have been photographing professionally for over two decades. I also have experience in teaching and facilitating workshops from my time in the corporate world.

I am enthusiastic, fun and relaxed both as a person and as a trainer. I am really good at converting tech-speak into easy to understand information and I work in a very hands on way.

I firmly believe photography doesn’t have to be difficult, and that with just a small amount of understanding and a few tweaks to technique – anyone can significantly improve their images.

I am really looking forward meeting you all, and seeing the ‘light bulb moments’ as you get to grips with your camera.

Student work and kind words

“I already had the passion and the equipment for photography but I was struggling to get to grips with how to best use my camera. The question was who do I go to?

Well look no further than Rebecca Holmes Photography. I signed up for a day class on how to use your camera manually rather than the bog standard Auto function. The presentation and the manner in which Rebecca talked about the functionality of a digital camera was not only very informative but extremely easy to follow. I can’t stress enough how comfortable I felt considering I had only ever used the Auto function.

As the day went on and after each module my confidence grew and I was itching to get home and go out and about and explore my camera. Even though I wanted to go home and practice more I could easily have stayed and listened to Rebecca explain and demonstrate the wonderful world of manual use of a digital camera.

If there was to be a master of photography then I would hands down give the award to Rebecca Holmes.

See you soon at the Intermediate Class!”

Neil Gordon

“I am thrilled to say that I am now a much more confident amateur photographer. I have just completed Rebecca’s one day beginners class. I thoroughly enjoyed the day and was captivated throughout. The course is beautifully paced to introduce the beginner to how a camera works and unlocks the wonders of how to start creating great photos. She explains each stage in a clear and easy to follow manner. She talks with passion about the joy of taking images to treasure and challenges throughout the course to grasp the functions of our own camera. I shall endeavour to keep practicing and learning using the handbook and Facebook support group.” 

Sarah Gahagan

I recently completed a beginners photography workshop with Rebecca and it was an excellent day. Rebecca is clearly a talented and experienced photographer and passes on her knowledge in a relaxed, informative and inspiring manner. Refreshments were plentiful throughout the day and there was a good balance between classroom teachings and practice. If you’re keen to get to grips with using the manual mode on your camera I would thoroughly recommend completing one of Rebecca’s workshops.

Claire Gibb


What kind of camera do I need?

For the workshops, you need a Digital SLR or mirrorless camera with interchangeable lenses. For one to one, mentoring, any camera is fine (although I might think it’s a bit weird if you turn up with just an iPhone).

I’m a complete beginner having just got a camera for Christmas. Is your beginners’ course for me?

Absolutely! We start with the very basics and cover a LOT in one day.

I’m not totally confident to use manual mode all the time, is the intermediate course for me?

For sure! It takes a long time to be completely confident in manual mode. So long as you understand the concepts and know how to change aperture, shutter and ISO in your camera, you’ll be fine.  

What topics can be covered in a mentoring session?

Whatever you need! You call the shots (pun intended). Using your camera, posing, lighting, choosing a new camera, editing and file organisation – the possibilities are endless.

How do I get help after our session?

I administrate a Facebook mentoring group for all my workshop and mentoring attendees. That group is a safe place to ask questions, ask for feedback, learn and grow. No such thing as a silly question when it comes to taking photos.