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Unwind and Connect: The Benefits of a Summer Evening Family Photoshoot During the Holidays

School holidays are just around the corner, and I don't know about you, but that produces in me a weird mix of excitement and dread!

Let's be honest; juggling work, childcare, and actually getting a holiday, can feel impossible, right? While the long, sunlit days offer a wonderful break from our everyday routine, they also come with their own unique challenges... In particular, children being home ALL the time.

These holidays (the last with a pre-schooler), I'm trying to focus on creating some lovely family moments, in amongst the chaos. Pockets of time when we can slow down and enjoy the weather and late nights. I don't want to get to the end of the six weeks and stress about whether I gave my children a memorable summer (Though, how is that even a thing!? The pressure us Mums put on ourselves... Yikes!).

So all this got me thinking about the summer evening photo sessions I've done in the past. They've always been more than just a photoshoot - they've been wonderful family experiences. For example, this post features photographs from a session with one of my regular families. We went through to Kingsbarns Beach right at sunset. The beach was deserted, which helped everyone to relax and have fun... And the light! Absolutely stunning.

Here are my thoughts on why summer evening family photoshoots are so wonderful... I can't wait to help carve out some connected family time for other families this summer.

Finding Joy in the Summer Holidays

Summer holidays are a brilliant but often exhausting time for families, especially for working parents. Balancing work responsibilities with increased childcare demands can make for a very stressful season. Amid this whirlwind, a family photoshoot can provide an exciting, relaxing diversion—a chance to step away from the stress and focus on the joy of your family. It's an opportunity to slow down, enjoy the beautiful summer evenings, and create magical memories that will last a lifetime.

Capturing the Golden Hour

The soft, warm light of a summer evening, often referred to as the 'golden hour,' lends a magical touch to your photos, imbuing them with a nostalgic, timeless feel. The sun's low angle casts a beautiful glow, highlighting your family's natural interactions and genuine smiles (it's also beautiful for the skin! 😉 ), and creating the most beautiful photographs you'll love to hang on your wall or put in a photo album.

Timing and Flexibility: Essential Ingredients for a Successful Photoshoot

Pulling off a memorable photoshoot requires a bit of planning, especially when it comes to timing. To capture the ethereal beauty of the golden hour, we need to work in harmony with the setting sun. However, since Mother Nature can often be unpredictable, flexibility becomes our best friend. As an Edinburgh-based family photographer, all my sessions include full flexibility when it comes to teh weather. I am committed to working closely with you to choose a day when the weather complements our plans, ensuring we capture your family at this perfect time of day.

Evening photoshoots can be a wonderful experience for older children who can appreciate the beauty of the setting and who enjoy being allowed to stay out of bed a little later than normal. An early dinner and a good night's sleep the night before the session will help ensure everyone is energized and ready to enjoy this special family adventure.

Experiencing Tranquil Locations

One significant advantage of evening photoshoots is the chance to enjoy less crowded locations. Tranquil beaches, quiet lochs, serene fields, scenic country parks - with only your laughter filling the air. The peace of the evening allows for a relaxed, unhurried photoshoot—an oasis amid the busy holiday bustle. This is particularly useful for teens who might be worried about being seen out with their family.

Adding a Dash of Extra Joy: A Twilight Treat

Consider adding a twilight treat to make your summer evening photoshoot even more memorable. A hot chocolate picnic during your session, or a late-night ice cream after could be just the perfect cherry on top. This thoughtful addition will make your photo shoot more fun and could turn it into a cherished family tradition.

Celebrating Your Unique Family Journey

Summer evening family photoshoots are about more than taking pictures; they're about narrating a part of your family's unique journey. They're about preserving the shared stories; the echoed laughter, and those quiet moments of connection under the warm hues of the setting sun.

They're about taking a step away from the 'hustle' of the summer school holidays and connecting with those we love most.

A summer evening family photoshoot is an experience, an adventure, and a chance to create and treasure beautiful memories.