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I want to take photographs that show how awesome you really are - just as you are. Let me show you how I see you.

Hi! I’m Rebecca and I’m a relaxed portrait photographer in the beautiful town of Linlithgow, but I photograph people and businesses all over the country. I live in a cosy house with my hubby, three daughters and pet cockapoo, Hamish.

My favourite things in the world are making music and learning new things, and when I’m not photographing you’ll find me crafting, planting veggies or watching Star Trek on Netflix (and before you ask, Deep Space Nine is by far the best series!). I couldn’t live without books, good food and my friends and family. I like to eat dinner-food at breakfast and really like a cheeky gin and tonic. I spend a lot of time planning future adventures and nothing makes me happier reading a good book in the bath.

I'm a Dad-and-school-photography-club taught photographer, and once got into strife for photographing an entire roll of film full of quirky views of fences (in my defence, I won an award for one of those fence photos!). My love of people watching is what focused me on portrait photography. I've been photographing professionally for over 20 years and I can’t imagine doing anything else.

My photography style is natural, joyful and timeless, and I just love capturing people’s unique personalities. I just love capturing all the beautiful and fleeting moments for my awesome families, and adore meeting loads of new and interesting people in my business work.

My clients choose me for my ability to ‘get’ who they are. They love beautiful photography and are excited to finally have decent photos of themselves or their business. You’re looking for a portrait photographer who you can feel comfortable with and who will give you a wonderful experience. Someone who knows what it’s like to have kids, will make a shoot fun and easy and will capture the awesomeness of you, your family or your team – and that’s exactly what I do.

A photography session with me is relaxed and easy. Families will spend quality time together capturing precious memories, and businesses will find it’s a great way to focus on the strength and general awesomeness of what you do. Whether it’s together with your family, your baby’s first photos or getting headshots for your business, I promise you’ll enjoy yourself and leave feeling awesome.

If this sounds like you, then get in touch to book your portrait session!

I'm perfect for you if...

You love and value beautiful photography

You want to feel relaxed and at ease (I'm the most easy going person there is!)

You hate having your photo taken (I'll be there to help you through it)

You like to display your photographs as art on your walls

You want to look and feel confident and empowered

We're not right together if...

You just want digital photos (all my packages include prints) click here to find out why

You don't want to talk to your photographer

You're looking for something cheap

You're looking for something quick


Before my shoot with Rebecca I was a bit nervous because I had never done anything like it before, but as soon as I got there all my nerves disappeared as Rebecca was so welcoming and kind! As soon as we got into the shoot I started having so much fun and letting go and just experimenting with all the moves and poses I was doing. I love the finished products and I have been posting them on my Instagram and have also made a collage of them for my bedroom wall! I would recommend a dance shoot with Rebecca for anyone of any ability or age because it is so much fun and the finished products are something I will keep and treasure forever!

Abbey G - Dance

When I'm not photographing I'm...


What's in my kit bag?

I'm not a tech-y photographer in any way. I have kit that works, that I rely on - but I don't remember (or care about much) the ins and outs of the technical aspects of it. Frankly, that kind of stuff makes me glaze over. My kit is like another limb. It's there and it works, but I don't feel the need to analyse it! However for the photo-geeks out there, here's a bit about what I use and why...

I shoot Nikon because that's what I moved to when I went digital, I know it, and love it. I choose to only use Nikon lenses because I like that they are designed to work together, no matter how I upgrade my camera in future. I'm not shooting mirrorless (yet) because I don't like the separation I feel from my subject looking through the viewfinder at a small computer screen. However the low weight of mirrorless kit is very enticing. I choose Mac over PC because I like the integration it gives me with my phone/tablet etc. and I really like how intuitive it is.

Here's just a bit of what is in my kit bags...

  • Camera bodies - Nikon D850 and a Nikon D800
  • Lenses - Nikon 50mm f1.8, Nikon 80mm f1.4, Nikon 105mm f2.8 macro, Nikon 24-70mm f2.8 (and on my wish list the Nikon 70-300mm)
  • Couple of large white reflectors
  • A couple of Nikon speedlights, an SB5000 and SB600
  • A very basic Elinchrom studio lighting kit
  • MacBook Air

Fun facts!

I'm an Australian who first fell in love with a Scotsman, then fell in love with Scotland.

I love crochet, sewing costumes and calligraphy.

Photography has been a way for me to capture all those moments with my family that I desperately don’t want to forget - the tiny details that can so easily blur into the years.

I have played flute and piano for as long as I can remember and have just this year started learning cello, it's awesome.

My only post-school qualifications are in performing arts, specifically musical theatre!

My favourite photo shoot to date was for a band, with a bright red couch on Coogee Beach in Sydney… I was in the band too! (we weren’t very good)

I’ve recently joined my local Amateur Musical Company am absolutely loving being back on stage again.

I recently taught myself to face-paint and I love it!

I love gardening, but am almost entirely a stick-it-in-and-see-if-it-grows kind of gardener.

My other favourite photoshoot was a boudoir shoot for a lady who'd had breast cancer and difficulties with reconstruction. It was all about getting her confidence back... They're still some of by most favourite photos.

I love Star Trek. My favourite series so far is Deep Space Nine. I'm just a tad excited about the new Piccard series.

I’ve a soft spot for Community Building and Development – building resilience in communities through shared knowledge, resources and expertise. I have my Grandparents to thank for that - they were pillars of their local community.

I love photographing people and have in my time photographed adults, children, babies, pregnant women, weddings, dancers, actors and taken pictures for local businesses and voluntary organisations – about the only photography I’m not a massive fan of doing is landscapes… I’ve even photographed a homebirth! (And yes, it was AMAZING!)

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