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40 Ways to Make the Most of the Quiet Times: Tips for Photographers

Hello, fellow photographers!

Sometimes, in business, it gets quiet.

It might be that you're all caught up on work (go you!), it could be a quiet time of year (hello winter), OR it could just be quiet in terms of leads and bookings. Whatever the reason, it can be easy for us to worry that somehow we've done something wrong when we're met with a quiet spell... Did we need to market more? Are our prices too high? (they're not) Has everyone finally decided that professional photography is unnecessary and that they will just use their phones? (a load of rubbish btw). 

Some years will be hugely busy, so much that you're struggling to keep up, and other years will be deathly quiet, and you'll be liable to worry. But try not to fear! These seasons are an inevitable part of running a business. 

The key, I think, is to; 

a. See the season for what it is, something that will pass;

b. Use it as an opportunity to ensure you've 'got your house in order' personally and in your business so that when it does pick up again, you're poised and ready to go!

So here you have it! 

40 ways to make the most of the inevitable quiet times

In no particular order!

  1. Chase Outstanding Orders: Tie up any loose ends with orders you might have pending.
  2. Audit Your Backup System: Ensure your precious work is safe and secure.
  3. Reconnect with Past Clients: A quick check-in can lead to repeat bookings.
  4. Conduct a Business Analysis: Assess what's working and what can be improved.
  5. Arrange a Special Offer: Think beyond discounts; value can be added in many creative ways.
  6. Refine Client Processes: Smooth operations create happy customers.
  7. Upgrade Client Guides: Keep your communication clear and updated.
  8. Spring Clean Your CRM: A tidy CRM system is an efficient one.
  9. Automate Workflows: Efficiency is critical; set up templates and automations.
  10. Update Your Website: Refresh your online presence - everything from photos to copy to client journey.
  11. Get Brand Photos Done: Yes, photographers need their photos taken, too!
  12. Create a Brand Film: Showcase the personality behind the camera.
  13. Declutter Your Workspace: A tidy space is a tidy mind.
  14. Organise and Clean Your Gear: Ready your equipment for action.
  15. Service Your Kit: Regular maintenance means no hiccups during shoots.
  16. Start a Stock Photography Portfolio: Make your downtime work for you.
  17. Plan Your Marketing: Lay out your strategy and schedule those posts (how good would it be to have a year ahead already done!?).
  18. Organise Personal Photos: Your memories deserve attention too.
  19. Learn New Skills: Whether business or creative skills, always continue learning.
  20. Refresh Your Portfolio: Make sure it represents your best and current work.
  21. Experiment with New Techniques: Have fun with video, drones, or double exposures.
  22. Dive into Photography Books: There's always something new to learn.
  23. Create Amazing Blog Content: Share your knowledge and passion and schedule it in advance.
  24. Network: Build connections and enjoy some camaraderie.
  25. Re-edit Past Work: Bring new life to old images.
  26. Streamline Your Portfolio: Ensure it is organised and ready to go. I like storing mine in Canva, ready to use on social media posts.
  27. Enter Competitions: Get recognition and push your limits.
  28. Collaborate: Join forces with another creative.
  29. Scout New Locations: Pack a picnic and your camera and find gorgeous new venues.
  30. Build an Email Newsletter: Or, if you have one, keep your audience engaged.
  31. Complete a Personal Project: Explore what matters to you and remember why you started photographing in the first place.
  32. Complete a Project in Aide of a Charity: Do good with your skills.
  33. Write a Book: Share your expertise in print.
  34. Focus on Health and Fitness: A healthy photographer is a happy photographer.
  35. Join Professional Organisations: Expand your network and learn from peers.
  36. Update Product Samples: Show clients the very latest you have to offer.
  37. Research New Equipment: Plan for those upgrades you've been eyeing.
  38. Organise Your Digital Files: Efficiency at your fingertips.
  39. Update Your Bookkeeping: Keep those numbers neat and tidy.
  40. DON'T FORGET TO Relax and Recharge: Enjoy some well-deserved downtime.

Every quiet moment is a chance to prepare for busier times, both in our businesses and personal lives. 

If you need support with your brand photography or are looking for a mentor to guide you through improving your photography business, don't hesitate to reach out