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I had SUCH a wonderful time photographing this family! The light was STUNNING!

So many photographers focus their baby photography on very new newborns. I can understand why I guess - they're all tiny and fragile. And while I love photographing newborns, I also LOVE photographing older babies.

Photographing your baby when they're older means not only are you more rested and feeling a bit more 'back to normal' after the birth, but baby is also more alert and responsive. This enables us to not only get sleepy photos, but wide eyed photographs looking at the camera.

This baby is 9 weeks old and we had a wonderful time. He was smiling and interacting with the camera, but also managed a wee snooze for some lovely cosy sleepy photos.

It was doubly great to photograph this family as Mum has a really keen eye for photography. She'd done her research and had some fantastic suggestions for poses which were very helpful. I could have stayed all day trying new things!

Here are a couple of the images which she's given me permission to share... That gorgeous light and gorgeous tiny toes! So grateful to have met this family ❤️

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