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During my recent headshot mini session, I had the pleasure of meeting Monica and Donald from Your Treasurer. A Dad and Daughter team, they were a lot of fun to work with!

While developing their new website they realised they could really do with some new headshots. Below are the headshots they had on their site;

By their own admission, the photos weren't the best! Monica's is ok, but Donald's... Great expression, but we can hardly see his face it's so pixilated!

We had a really interesting chat while I was working. It was clear to me that Monica had somewhat dragged her Dad along for the session (he was a very good sport considering!). Donald comes from a background in business where everything is done in person. Deals are made on a handshake and you get to know people a bit before getting down to business. Needing a top-notch website and headshot was unfamiliar to him because most of his career had been face-to-face.

Monica, on the other hand, was more used to the online world of doing business where a bad headshot can literally be a deal-breaker. Don't get me wrong, this not me saying one of them is right and one is wrong. On the contrary, I think they are the perfect mix!

Today, great headshots are essential. Most people find the services they need online, where a handshake isn't possible.

Your customers want to see a fantastic photo of you! They want to look at your picture and feel like they can trust you and like you before they meet you. A great headshot will do just that.

A great headshot will help to sell you and your services online because sadly, that's where a most of today's business is done.

However, Donald's forte - the face to face hand-shake way of doing business hasn't lost its importance. It's a key element to a successful business that often isn't given enough credit. It is one of the cornerstones of how I run my business. Get to know people, meet face to face, build trust, do business.

Having met Donald I can say for certain that he's the kind of guy I would trust with my business - for sure! But going on his headshot above? Maybe not so much. Hopefully, their new photos (a handful of which are below) will be the online equivalent of a handshake, a bit of a laugh and a great rapport - everything he's brilliant at!

Thank you very much, Donald and Monica, for coming along to the session, it was an absolute pleasure to meet you both!

Huge thanks to Court Residence Linlithgow for the use of one of their fantastic rooms for this session.