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Primarily pastels, little pattern, a bit of texture, blue to bring out the colour of the girls eyes - pretty good!

What do you think is the number one thing that spoils family photoshoots?
Poor weather? Badly behaved children?
It's what you wear!
It might seem a bit arty, but I can assure you that what you wear to your photoshoot it is as fundamental to a good picture as the right focus on my camera.
Carefully selected clothing can make the difference between a photo which will end up in the loft forever and a picture that will stay on your wall for grandchildren to admire in years to come.
Here's my top tips for how to style a perfect family portrait.

  • Don't wear anything with logos or slogans. In fact, any kind of typeface on your clothing is not a good idea. It dates horribly, can be difficult to read, and it draws attention in the photo. Even small logos on shirt pockets can draw attention.
  • Avoid pattern. Especially bold patterns that draw attention. Plain colours are best.
  • Dress smart casual. Gym kit or loungewear just isn't the most flattering!
  • Wear classic items that won't date. A classic cut shirt would work better than one of those 'cold shoulder' tops which will certainly be out of fashion soon right?
  • Coordinate colours. Choose a general palette and ensure everyone in the family sticks to it. For example - pastels, or autumnal oranges and reds etc.
  • Avoid passing trends. Try and convince your daughter that the black lace plastic chocker she just can't do without can be left at home (revival from the 90s or what?)
  • Make sure you're clean! Kind of goes without saying but especially applies to young children. I simply will notspend hours photoshopping dirt from your kids face - life's too short!
  • Don't be too precious. Don't wear anything to an on-location photoshoot that you aren't willing to sit for short periods on dirt/grass in.
  • Don't be afraid of colour. White is ok, but gone are the days of everyone dressed in white head to toe.
  • Aside from this picture being very poorly lit we've got; black, lots of pattern, not complimentary colours, nothing to bring out their eyes... Just doesn't look as nice does it?

    Seasonal colours. If your photo session is on location, think about the season and colours that will compliment. So yellow in spring, orange in autumn, blue in winter etc.

  • Make sure you feel comfortable! If you're uncomfortable then I'll see it in the camera. Wear something that doesn't pinch/pull/ride-up.
  • Come in clothes you feel good in. If you feel good it will shine through in your pictures.
  • Avoid black. It gets lost in pictures, especially with studio photography.
  • Don't forget the shoes/socks! Can't tell you the number of times someone has worn odd/hole-y/too-bright socks not thinking they'd be seen.
  • If you're wearing something extra special - tell me! Grandmother's heirloom ring? Handmade shawl? Let me know so I can ensure I do it justice.
  • Don't forget texture - floaty dresses/tops in spring and summer, knits in autumn and winter are both excellent.
  • Do what you need to do to make yourself feel good... Pedicure/manicure/haircut/makeup done - if you feel good it will shine through your photos.
  • If in doubt, bring options. I'm very happy to help you style your family to make sure you look your best.

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