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What Not To Do During Your Family Photo Shoot

If you're investing in family photography to capture and remember these wonderful years… You need to be beyond delighted with your images!

I'm always giving advice about outfits, posing, preparing and locations but what about what you shouldn't do?

That's pretty important too so let me tell you what you need to avoid doing if you want the best family photography possible.

DON'T: Time watch

I'm happy to spend half an hour with you or four hours with you…. It doesn't matter to me in the least. What matters to me is that you and your family enjoy the experience and we get some great photographs. If some members of your family need a little more time – so be it. I only book one family session on any day…. Purely because I don't want to be in a hurry.

DON'T: Nag the kids

I know, I know… You're worried that the investment will be wasted if your kids don't behave. PLEASE don't worry. I've got you! I took my first professional photograph of a child when I was 19 years old. And much as I look young (ha!), I can tell you that's a LOT of years ago. I can literally count on one hand the number of kids who I've not been able to get a great photo of in those 20+ years.

DON'T: Stress about how you look

This is a big one. If you look stressed and uncomfortable, then it will show in your photos. I get it, I'm a recovering photo-avoider myself. Check out this blog post and video where I go into detail on why we feel so crappy in front of the camera, and what we can do about it.

Once you get to your session try your best to relax into the fun of playing and loving your family. Forget all your hang-ups, once you're in front of the camera, leave it to me to get all your best angles.

DON'T: Always look at the camera

The BEST photos, the ones that make my clients cry, are always the unposed photos. Those moments in between setups when everyone is interacting with each other, having fun and showing love. Your family photography session is not about standing, posing and looking at the camera. It's about celebrating you as a family! It's about me capturing the special connections you have with each other! So laugh, giggle, hug, kiss, make loving eyes at your partner, chase each other, muck about... This is where the magic is.

DON'T: Worry that the clothes will get dirty

The number one thing I need to do (even before taking a single picture) is to make sure everyone is calm, confident and relaxed. While I know that you likely bought new clothes for the occasion if any of us stresses about them getting dirty, then that's just going to interrupt the atmosphere. Try if you can to release all worry about messiness (bring a spare change if you need it), and also trust me that I can edit out most scuffs and scrapes!

DON'T: Practice the kid's smiles

And while we're here... This one drives me nuts!! Your kids don't need to 'practice' their smiles before the session… The smiles they already have are beautiful! Perhaps not their regular 'photo' smiles, sometimes they can be a little forced and weird (one parent I know says her son has a Chandler Bing photo-smile 🤣 )… The kind of smiles I get out of children are real and joyous. These are smiles of kids having fun!

DON'T: Stress... Before, during or after

The number one aim for me as a family photographer is to make the experience stress free and easy. My team and I will help you all the way through preparation, on the day and after. From booking through to hanging your pictures on your wall – we've got your back.

Whilst you're here, why not drop me a message so we can start chatting about YOUR family photography session?