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8 steps to planning a successful branding photoshoot

What to expect from your branding shoot planning session (and why it’s so important!) Could we do a branding photoshoot without a planning session? Sure we could! We’d get some nice generic shots of you fake-laughing with colleagues, reading a book or drinking a coffee at your desk. No planning needed and I’d be in […]
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7 branding photos every business needs

How to get the most from your professional branding photoshoot When you invest in a professional branding photoshoot, you want to squeeze every last drop out of your investment! You want every pillar of your social media covered. Every image you could possibly need for your website sorted. And your whole brand story told in […]
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How can you use branding photography?

Why branding photography is so much more than headshots When you think of branding photography, you tend to think of those face-to-the-camera headshots you see all over LinkedIn. Now don’t get me wrong, headshots are great! But they’re just the tip of the branding photography iceberg. And having the full spectrum of branding photography can […]
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The power of personal branding photography 

How important is personal branding for small business owners, really?!  As a small business owner, personal branding photography is a key component to building your brand. But objectively, is branding really that important? Well, yes! People spend £4 a day on their morning Starbucks. iPhone owners are tribal about their choice of phone. Range Rovers […]
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Scottish Book Trust Event Photography

I was thrilled to be asked by the team at the Scottish Book Trust for some commercial children’s photography of their recent author event. Morag Hood, author and illustrator of some fantastic kid's books, came to Wester Hailes Library, Edinburgh, for an afternoon of Storytime and craft. The library has been hosting a Bookbug exhibition […]
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10 Tips for Managing Stress in a World Gone Mad

The world events of the last few years have been enough for a full lifetime. Managing anxiety and stress is a battle for many, myself included. When it feels like the world is on fire, it's hard not to get panicked. So I thought I'd try to help, by listing the things I've learned to […]
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The Ultimate Guide to Brand and Business Photography in Edinburgh

Coming in February! All you need to know in order to get fantastic brand and business photography in Edinburgh. Update on 28th Feb 2022: It's here! THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO BRAND PHOTOGRAPHY, BUSINESS PORTRAITS AND HEADSHOTS IN SCOTLAND
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What is brand photography? Why do you need it?

Heard of brand photography but have no idea what it means? You're not alone. I sometimes feel that brand photography is a bit of a buzz-phrase amongst photographers, but that in reality, very few business owners really know what it means. Brand photography is an experience, it's WAY more than just a set of professional […]
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Booking a personal branding or small business photo session can be a huge step! Especially for those of us who are a bit photo shy. Rest assured that it is a fantastic thing to do for your business – professional photography can make a massive difference to how your business is perceived. It's also a […]
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During my recent headshot mini session, I had the pleasure of meeting Monica and Donald from Your Treasurer. A Dad and Daughter team, they were a lot of fun to work with! While developing their new website they realised they could really do with some new headshots. Below are the headshots they had on their […]
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