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40 Ways to Make the Most of the Quiet Times: Tips for Photographers

Hello, fellow photographers! Sometimes, in business, it gets quiet. It might be that you're all caught up on work (go you!), it could be a quiet time of year (hello winter), OR it could just be quiet in terms of leads and bookings. Whatever the reason, it can be easy for us to worry that […]
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The Ultimate Dummies Guide to Backing Up Your Precious Photos

Hello, wonderful photo enthusiasts! 📸 Whether you're a selfie superstar, a candid camera champ, or just love snapping those priceless moments, your photos are treasures worth protecting. And let’s face it, in our digital age, losing these gems feels like misplacing a piece of our hearts. 😢 But fear not! I'm here to guide you […]
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5 Reasons Why Learning Photography is Great for Kids and Teens

As a photography teacher, I reckon there are huge benefits to teaching kids to take photographs properly. Photography is so integral to kids lives that learning how to do it has almost become a bit of a life skill. Rewind to the 80s (yes, I'm that old), and I remember a roll of 36 film […]
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Don't Let Covid Stop You Supporting Local This Christmas

There is no doubt that Christmas shopping this year will be yet another annual event changed from the normal because of COVID. Where once we rushed around busy shopping centres, fitted in lunch hour retail during hectic days at the office and generally stressed ourselves out with frantic last minute shopping trips, this year will […]
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So many people have been asking me for lessons in taking better photographs, and while I'd love to run a course, I probably won't have this up and running until the winter. So for now, I thought I would share a series of #toptipTuesday posts with easy ways that everyone can improve their photography.To be […]
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