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The Ultimate Dummies Guide to Backing Up Your Precious Photos

Hello, wonderful photo enthusiasts! 📸 Whether you're a selfie superstar, a candid camera champ, or just love snapping those priceless moments, your photos are treasures worth protecting. And let’s face it, in our digital age, losing these gems feels like misplacing a piece of our hearts. 😢 But fear not! I'm here to guide you […]
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Where should you have your newborn photoshoot?

Studio or at-home? How to choose the newborn photoshoot that suits you. The first few weeks of your baby’s life are going to be incredible. Because they change so much! The peach fuzz on their cheeks, the cupid bow lips, even the colour of their eyes can change! And it all happens so quickly, and […]
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What a pleasure to capture this wonderful family and their latest edition the other day! Due to Covid-19 this session was a little bit different from my normal newborn family photograhy; It was all outdoors (usually newborn sessions start indoors) Because it was outdoors, we were careful to choose a day which was nice and […]
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I had SUCH a wonderful time photographing this family! The light was STUNNING! So many photographers focus their baby photography on very new newborns. I can understand why I guess - they're all tiny and fragile. And while I love photographing newborns, I also LOVE photographing older babies. Photographing your baby when they're older means […]
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This family invited me to take some photos as they welcomed their newest addition. What a privilege! We met at their home in Dunfermline in the early afternoon. I don't think I've ever seen a big brother quite so devoted as this one. Whispering wee jokes into his baby brother's ear - so very cute! […]
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I had the absolute pleasure of being asked to photography this gorgeous family, just one week after their gorgeous wee girl arrived. After a quick cup of tea and a chat we spent a lovely relaxed morning capturing these gorgeous images. The winter light was absolutely stunning - pouring in through the windows. Baby E […]
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