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You’ve had your family photography session – now what?

My 6-step guide of what to do after you’ve had your family photoshoot So you’ve had your family photoshoot, but what’s next? Well now it’s time to start enjoying your photos! And this really is the best bit. You get to choose your favourites together as a family, decide how you’re going to display them, […]
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Have you thought about an extended family photoshoot?

“I can’t remember the last time we were all together as a family…” You know that warm, fuzzy feeling you get when you're at a family gathering, and everyone you love is there? Well that’s what my extended family photoshoots in Edinburgh are all about.  You can bring up to thirty family members, which is […]
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5 reasons you’ll love an outdoor family photoshoot

My favourite photos as an Edinburgh family photographer  My favourite photos of my family are the ones that make me smile whenever I look at them. Shots of my kids giggling with each other at the park, splashing each other in the sea, or shrieking as my husband chases them around a field. I love […]
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6 Reasons to Frame Your Family Photos

Family photos have a special kind of magic about them, don’t they? They bring you joy, make you smile. And they can even give you a glimmer of hope when you’re starting to lose the plot! And that’s one reason why you should frame your family photos. Because nothing this beautiful belongs on a memory […]
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Where should you have your newborn photoshoot?

Studio or at-home? How to choose the newborn photoshoot that suits you. The first few weeks of your baby’s life are going to be incredible. Because they change so much! The peach fuzz on their cheeks, the cupid bow lips, even the colour of their eyes can change! And it all happens so quickly, and […]
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10 Tips for Managing Stress in a World Gone Mad

The world events of the last few years have been enough for a full lifetime. Managing anxiety and stress is a battle for many, myself included. When it feels like the world is on fire, it's hard not to get panicked. So I thought I'd try to help, by listing the things I've learned to […]
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What Not To Do During Your Family Photo Shoot

If you're investing in family photography to capture and remember these wonderful years… You need to be beyond delighted with your images! I'm always giving advice about outfits, posing, preparing and locations but what about what you shouldn't do? That's pretty important too so let me tell you what you need to avoid doing if […]
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Don't Let Covid Stop You Supporting Local This Christmas

There is no doubt that Christmas shopping this year will be yet another annual event changed from the normal because of COVID. Where once we rushed around busy shopping centres, fitted in lunch hour retail during hectic days at the office and generally stressed ourselves out with frantic last minute shopping trips, this year will […]
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It’s been one heck of a rollercoaster of a year! But to hear that now our usual tradition of guising (Trick or Treating for those not in Scotland) has to be called off is another in a long list of blows, especially for kids. My children adore this time of year, dressing up, going to […]
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What a pleasure to capture this wonderful family and their latest edition the other day! Due to Covid-19 this session was a little bit different from my normal newborn family photograhy; It was all outdoors (usually newborn sessions start indoors) Because it was outdoors, we were careful to choose a day which was nice and […]
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